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Please scroll down beneath this photo and write a poem about the picture where is says, “join the discussion”.  You may also post your poem on twitter or facebook or reddit but it is best to p0st your poem on our website where you have the ability to tweet it out and post it on facebook.

While your on our website, sign up for a limited time, for a free membership! ($10 value).  Check out all the interactive, fun things we have to do for you including Peter’s Music Prompt at 15:00 hours Central European Standard Time every Saturday and Sunday.  We choose a cool song for you, and you write a poem to that song.  (conversion time tables available on all smartphones.  Daily Wisdom Words is a poetry and author interactive website with Quelly’s blog, every M,W,F at 11:00am US Eastern Time.  She starts a story, and stops in the middle of it.  You will see, “(to be cont.)” and will scroll all the way down beneath the post where it says, “join the discussion”, and finish the story or write a paragraph to add to it taking the plot in any direction you wish.

We also have “Wisdomology” quotes for you to enjoy 3-4 times a week with Angie and Lori posting for you.

If your an author,  you may order a book review for a limited time for $50 which we will post on our website and twitter for all members and the public, and link your book to amazon. go to dailywisdomwords.com/wise-reviews to check out our latest book reviews.

On M, W, Fri, we have daily wisdom words, where one word is chosen and a blog is written about it, and you share your comments, or a p0em or quote using the word of the day.

Thanks so much,

Samantha and Peter

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

Wonderful pic. I have so enjoyed spending some time with you all on this site this morning. You are a wonderful mentor to some important young artists and writers both here and on twitter.

Quelly (@guest_1866)
2 years ago

Flickering images inside my mind Light bulb blinks My past to always remind Countless days the light shines bright When the storms pass through shattering with such a fright Sparks of fire dancing the air Popping of bulbs flashes everywhere Darkness now I fear has come Clashing of thunder like banging of drums Lightning flashes shines through the room Sweeping shattered glass I am with my broom Storm passes morning has come Replacing all the light bulbs Much work must be done My vision still haunt from time to time But like a new light bulb it will always remind… Read more »

Peter (@guest_1865)
2 years ago

The moment of ingenious creation Stopped at a dead halt as he fell to His knees. His soul shattered cried Out in excruciating pain revealing A crack in his internal universe. A Lightbulb moment exploded in his Mind & got lost in his zeal to reveal To the world his discovery. So big Was his excitement that this man A perfectionist in nature forgot to Document it & as he the scientist Realized it he stood there frozen In time & space for a second with A blank expression on his face. A Brilliant soul & mind lost as his… Read more »

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