“Addiction is inside you no matter how far your soul has evolved.”
-Dr. Carter Stout

Are we all addicts in some shape or fashion? Are addiction traits all in-born?

Earlier today, I was listening to a self-help podcast called
“We’re Talking Shift” hosted by life coach Loree Bischoff. Dr. Carter Stout, who said today’s quote, was a guest on it.

Stout, a psychologist in Los Angeles, came into the limelight due to his unconventional beliefs on addiction.

Stout believes that addiction is not just the usual dependency on vices such as alcohol, drugs, caffeine. Nor is it just a matter of genetics. And perhaps most shockingly, he believes that addiction is not necessarily a bad thing, just a trait of your personality that should be embraced and treated with love and care.

In Stout’s professional opinion, addiction usually stems from an obsession. That obsession could be anything. It could be something as big as wanting to be in a relationship with someone specific or as small as wanting a particular color pattern for your house decor.

Whatever it may be, Stout believes that when that obsession begins to consume every second of your life, you try to find some kind of force that’ll counter it. And that’s when an addiction is born.

In essence, you transfer your negative energy from one thing, the obsession, to another, the actual addiction.

According to Stout, there are two major steps one could take as measures of rectification.

The first is the aforementioned philosophy of embracing the addiction. Of course it’s important to note that this does NOT equate to encouraging or feeding the addiction.

It simply means to love yourself in all parts, both good and bad. Think about how you would feel if your child was sick with the flu. You wouldn’t blame him or her for it, would you? As a loving parent, you would try everything possible to make them better.

The other strategy is to accept that addiction is energy, good or bad, channelled to one thing. If we know and accept that, we can consciously channel it towards a positive activity or interest.

By no means is it as simple as I make it sound. We’re all human beings and have strong feelings and emotions which are not easy to control.

That said, a new and different perspective can give us hope that there’s always a chance for change. Usually, hopeless emotions stem from prior examples that ended with negative consequences. If we constantly hear stories of how stories of addiction destroyed a person’s life beyond rectification, that creeps over into our personal beliefs.

But if a new and more optimistic point of view is engrained within us as well, we can use that optimism either consciously or subconsciously.

How do you feel about Stout’s philosophy of addiction? If you disagree, what makes you do so? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting on our secure servers.

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