“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.”
-Gilbert K. Chesterton

Never take __________ for granted. How many times have we heard that in our lives? The blank can be filled with anything be it family, friends, money, etc.

We all hear it very often and even try to imbibe that philosophy but somehow, a loss of anything or anyone still hurts Why is that? Sometimes, despite being thankful for everything we have, it’s depletion is as devastating is ever.

So is the philosophy wrong if we still hurt after utilizing it? In my opinion, no. I think appreciation for something is not meant to be a cure, but rather a Band-Aid. For example, if you’re grateful for a house you’ve lived in for years and circumstances force you to move out, obviously it’s still going to hurt.

What appreciation for it does is balance out that pain of letting it go with good memories. If you didn’t truly didn’t take the house for granted, it saves the experience from becoming too morose. Yes, you’ve lost the house and that’s no doubt painful, but you made the most out of the time you were living in it.

Similarly, if you lose a loved one and had years of pleasant memories with them, those memories balance out the loss. Even if you didn’t take that person for granted, it doesn’t mean their loss won’t hurt. It just means that there’s still a glimmer of hope when that at some point, you’ll be at peace with their passing.

If that appreciation for anything or anyone was never there, their loss just remains a bitter memory for the most part. If it was, it helps you reconcile even if it some time to do that.

Nobody or nothing in our lives should be taken for granted. Everything good that comes our way, even the things that seem the most insignificant, should be appreciated. Once they’re gone, it’ll no doubt hurt. But that appreciation will come out on top in the long run.

How do you feel about not taking things or people for granted? Do you think that if you do that, the loss is any easier in the long run? Why or why not? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

Hi, I'm Neel! I'm a writer (fiction and poetry), a journalist and currently working in the advertising business. I'm also a mental health advocate, having been diagnosed with clinical depression a few years ago.
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