“Action cures fear, inaction creates terror.”
-Douglas Horton

Last week, I made a pretty big announcement about writing a very special, two-part post on feminism. Unfortunately, due to the widespread panic and stress due to the coronavirus I could not move forward.

Writing about such a sensitive topic requires a lot of research and communication with others who could not provide me with adequate thoughts due to the circumstances. All who first agreed to talk and/or give me quotes for that article got sidetracked (and rightfully so) into taking precaution and taking the appropriate safety measures for themselves and their families.

So for the time being, let’s talk about something that’s an inevitable companion to quandaries brought on by occurrences such as the coronavirus: fear.

The idea for this post stemmed from Samantha’s excellent post about Hysteria in the Daily Wisdom Words main section, which if you have not read, I urge you to do so. Hence, certain ideas may seem repetitive from that post.

However, it is my intention not to just reiterate Samantha’s ideas but to add to them. As you read more of this post, you’ll notice the stressing of supplementation to any emotion. In a way, think of this post as the same: a supplement to Samantha’s post.

Fear is a human emotion that has been there since the dawn of time and cannot be avoided. One might even argue that its not necessarily an obstructive emotion as it can keep us on our toes.

In the wake of the COVID-19 and the large quantity of news updates that fill our heads with doom and gloom, fear is natural. To not feel it would be inhuman.

However, if fear is unavoidable, the ways we choose to supplement that fear are not. We can’t get rid of fear but we can balance it out with other emotions so it doesn’t become predominant and constantly disrupt our psychological thinking.

To alleviate a little bit of the fear, supplement it with the right documentation rather than a deadly cocktail of anything and everything you hear. Samantha also stressed this in her Hysteria post. I would agree and take that philosophy one step further by stressing on documentation specifically in your hometown.

Minutely research what’s going on where you live. Remember that a lot of news updates regarding the COVID-19 are global and/or national and not always about a specific area of vicinity.

This is to be expected of course, but to be extra cautious, find out exactly what’s going on in your city or town and proceed accordingly. Perhaps there is not a single person who has been diagnosed in your area. That’s motivation to be cautious yet in an optimistic manner.

Even if the opposite is true and there are people in your area that have been diagnosed, the knowledge of that information can still serve as a propellant to be extra careful and have a heightened sense of preparedness. This will allow you to tell yourself “I know the risk and so far I am not effected. I could be so I better take all the safety measures possible but I’m not.”

Fear is a natural emotion. Do not fight it or ridicule it in others. Rather, minimize its impact by aiding it with knowledge, caution and optimism.

I hope everyone is safe and well. I normally advise readers to write about their thoughts and experiences by commenting below but in this case, I invite every reader to write about their fear or lack thereof regarding COVID-19. Does it scare or worry you? Why or why not? How have you prepared for it? What are you overall thoughts on what’s happened so far? Comment on our secure servers below.

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Preston Jacob (@guest_4680)
1 year ago

This all is very scary. entire industries are shutting down. CDC now recommending no gatherings of 50 people or more, for the next 8 weeks! We are severely behind on getting tests, and testing. Our healthcare system can’t handle whats coming. Watch what has happened in China and Italy etc. its a good indicator of what will happen here. https://ncov2019.live/

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