Forgive & Forget

“Forgive others. Not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace.”

How often have all heard phrases like “forgive and forget,” or “life’s too short too short to hold a grudge” or “let bygones be bygones?”

The problem is that all of those things are much easier said than done.

To me forgiveness is important but not when being bestowed with the intention of just being a noble soul.

Forgiving someone should first and foremost make life easier for you.

Otherwise, you never know when old wounds might evoke strong emotions again.

If you forgive someone grudgingly, that grudge has a good chance of replacing or adding to the pain that the other person caused you.

And before you know it, the next time you have a rift with that person, things could actually end up worse.

On the other hand, if forgiving someone truly benefits you by taking a weight off of your shoulders and/or puting your mind at peace, it benefits everyone.

Life indeed is too short and repairing broken bonds can lead to a lot of positivity.

The importance of it however, lies in making sure that it’s genuine and heartfelt. You have to want to forgive in order to truly move on.

How do you feel about forgiveness? Do you forgive to please that person or please yourself? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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