“To move forward, you have to give back.”
-Oprah Winfrey

Last week, I wrote a piece on writers and editors who I’ve always looked up to and have been a constant inspiration for me in my writing journey. That article was very well received. Hence, it’ll now be a weekly feature. Here is another list of fabulous folks from the online writing community that deserve recognition and continue be an inspiration to me and to countless others:

Firstly, I want give a special shout-out to all the writers Shirley Satterfield is publishing, many for the first time, in her upcoming poetry anthology. Many of these writers are new and have never had exposure before. My sincerest hope is that Shirley’s anthology gives them the due credit they deserve. Hats off to Shirley for conceiving and embarking on such a noble project.

Vicie Ree: At a time when activity on social media across multiple platforms is often associated with terms such as “cyber bullying,” “trolling,” and/or “body shaming” Vicie stands tall and proud as one of the brightest lights to counter that turmoil. Vicie is a fantastic writer but what I admire the most about her is her famous #NoNameCallingCoalition movement she started. Her writing and her movement gives us hope that there is still an abundance of good online and it just needs to be better cultivated. There is no better cultivator than Vicie. Follow her on Twitter @auntie_social.

Simon Pyschosis: I and anyone who is familiar with Simon’s writing share a unanimous opinion: Simon is probably the most underrated writer among the online writing community. What I learned from Simon is that when you have a writing style that is unique to you, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s something I’ve pretty much faced all my life. Simon is the finest example of letting the more ambiguous and/or negative feedback roll off your back and utilizing the positivity to move forward. Simon’s area of expertise is not just writing but music as well. A great and underrated writer, an ideal model of perseverance, follow Simon on Twitter @SimonPsychosis and on simonpsychosis.bandcamp.com.

Scott Christopher Beebe: Scott has been a wonderful inspiration for me in two ways: Firstly, I marvel at his ability to easily switch back between serious and comedic writing. That’s something I’ve tried on numerous occasions but could never do it in the seamless manner that Scott does. Secondly, Scott has also been one of my role models when I decided to become an editor and a publisher. I was hopelessly lost as to how to go about that process. For inspiration, I observed how Scott assembled #ConverStory (a hashtag he brilliantly cultivated) pieces and compiled them in various anthologies. He also goes out of his way to promote other writers without fail, every week. Follow Scott on Twitter @storysmithscb.

Bethany Samaddar: Bethany’s writing has always touched me in ways that very few writers do. Last week I had mentioned writers Neil Clark and Tianna G. Hansen as a part of a handful of writers who I look at and think, I want to be like just them. Bethany can be added to that list as well. One of her greatest strengths is making the most succinct pieces the most efficacious. I realized just how good she was when I took a piece of hers that seemed so simple and attempted to write an “after” piece and failed. Follow Bethany on Twitter @blsamaddar.

Monica Kagan: When I first had the idea to compile the anthology that I’m now about to publish, I needed a kick-start. I needed something that would give me a gentle push in the right direction. When Monica agreed to write an introductory poem for the project, I found my zeal. Monica is an amazing writer of poetry, flash fiction and creative nonfiction. She also always goes out of her way to promote other writers and serves as the epitome of encouragement and motivation. Follow Monica on Twitter @MonicaOFAH.

Who do you think deserves some attention in the writing community that hasn’t gotten it so far? If you’re a writer, who’s been your biggest inspiration? Who motivates you the most? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting below on our secure servers.

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
11 months ago

Amen ????

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