“Above all else, be your own champion. Make yourself proud.”

-Author Tianna G. Hansen

In a previous post, I had talked about how important self-care is.

To expand on the same train of thought, one of the most crucial attributes in life is self-respect.

In order to gain respect from people, it’s important that it comes from within first.

It’s often said that we attract what we are. If you’re down on yourself, you’re more than likely to attract a similar behavior pattern from those around you.

No doubt, there are times when we all go through periods of self-doubt especially if you’ve been fighting a mental illness like I have for the past few years.

Author Tianna G. Hansen, who said today’s quote, herself has self-admittedly been through such periods.

But ultimately, she rose above it in a very admirable fashion and we must all do the same at some point.

Respect yourself and you’ll gain confidence. That confidence, in turn, will attract a similar aura from those within your proximity.

Crops of respect can only grow when the seed you plant is of self-respect.

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Megha Sood (@guest_2399)
2 years ago

loved the way you have encouraged not only the necessity for the self-belief but also the need to passing it to others.Profound words.

Noble Member
2 years ago

your insight refreshing

Noble Member
2 years ago

amazing Neel, Your wisdom is infinite!

Noble Member
2 years ago

amazing, Neel! Your wisdom is infinite….

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