Facing Challenges


Hello again, Dear Reader. This week I have chosen to discuss facing challenges. This past week was particularly difficult for me as I had to face the possible death of a pet; he had a 50/50 chance of waking up from the anesthesia after surgery. As one who has faced much adversity, I was stoic and tried to remain positive. However, I began to think of all the challenges I had already faced; I was ready to let go if necessary. Ernie lives but I am still feeling the effects of that stress.


Facing challenges is a necessary part of life. Therefore, I  prefer the word challenges rather than hardships or problems. This word, “challenges” implies that we can overcome; we can reinvent ourselves and our lives.

”Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”

-Lydia Mulgado

I believe that facing challenges help to forge us into stronger individuals; thereby, perhaps, facing challenges can even serve to make us more caring. We can quietly begin to note that our ability to to solve problems over time can be enhanced.

Challenges Must Be Faced:

Psychological research over the years supports this notion, that facing challenges makes us who we are. Therefore, dilemmas faced and survived can be a powerful learning opportunity. Our ability to face perturbing life events can be improved over our life span. Research by Jean Piaget (1959;1971), William Perry (1950-1060; 1970; 1981) and, Kelly et al (1990) supports the notion that the density of cognitive conflict provides the condition for cognitive growth.

Given that facing challenges is an inescapable part of life; consequently, I think it is important that we realize our connectedness on this battleground. We all must face challenges, large, small, and with varying levels of importance. Herein lies our humanity, our connection to one another. Therefore, I will now present a summary of an article by Alden Tan entitled, “7 Challenges in Life You Need to Deal With” (2015). Perhaps this article can illustrate our implicit ties to one another so that we can see ourselves in others while facing challenges together.

1.) Emotions – We all struggle with our emotions from time to time; remember they are only passing through, like ships passing in the night.

2.)Toxic people – Toxic people can certainly be viewed as obstacles; learn to sort through these individuals.

3.) Unfairness in life – I’ve often said over the years, ‘The only fair in life is at the carnival.’ Life constantly changes. The ups and downs in life (vicissitudes) are unavoidable. Facing challenges with courage and grace is key; embrace these opportunities to grow.

4.) Your job – Always remember, you are Not your job. Don’t over identify and do your own personal best.

5.) Positive thinking – Shaping your thoughts is a difficult challenge. Have patience with yourself and overcome your irrational, negative thoughts to create the reality you desire.

6.) Meeting people – Don’t fear; don’t put others on a pedestal. Everyone makes judgements; learn to put their notions into perspective…you are not them.

7.) Yourself – Keep pushing yourself to avoid stagnation and complacency; be the best version of you. As a great poet once wrote, “Learn to labor and to wait”


Thanks for stopping by, Dear Reader. Remember to feel free to comment and/or ask questions below in, “Join the discussion”. I look forward to your words throughout my week. Until next time, stay safe and healthy. Cheers!




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Noble Member
1 year ago

What a wonderful article. Love calling hardships challenges. So very sorry you had to be in that situation with a pet you love so much. Thinking of you. Samantha

Noble Member
11 months ago

You know I LOVE your writing!! I learn so much, seriously…Could it be I have many issues? lol..love you, Sam

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