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Daily Wisdom’s Own Island Poet Michelle Hugelmann: An Interview

Daily Wisdom’s Own Island Poet Michelle Hugelmann: An Interview

Daily Wisdom’s Own Island Poet Michelle Hugelmann: An Interview

1, Michelle, can you tell us where you are from and a little about your current life, work and any special relationships?

My name is michelle helene hugelmann(amblavaney). 44 years old. And married, children
I live in Seychelles .Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands. i live on the main island of Mahe. Aside from  writing, I enjoy reading and cooking and I love animals .I have been unemployed for a long time due to my illness. was diagnosed with lupus since i was 18 and lately an overlap of lupus mixed connective tissue disorder.  

2, When did you start writing poetry and what was the inspiration?

.My fascination and love for poetry started when i was 15 .i would play with words in my head and try to make them rhyme and it slowly grew from there though i never really wrote much back then.i started putting more effort and life into my poetry when i was much older . a lot of things inspire me really my love for life and nature as much as a curious sense of everyday emotions.

3. What are your favorite themes to write about, and what is your favorite form to write in?
I don’t really have a favourite theme though love is a major force . I like to touch a bit of every emotion which touches my heart and mind.

.Aside from poetry I do sometimes write short stories mostly for my own amusement.

4. What are the dreams for the future that you have for your poetry and your life?

I have a lot of dreams but i am working on one ,this is the publication of my work thus far like an anthology. It has taken some time due to some setbacks but happy to say much is in progress. As for my life I want to make it as interesting as possible. I will try some photography which is  also one of my dreams. for the rest i want to live and give kindly my help and love and enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday  life

“With every flutter of her heart
her lovely feature rise.
She sways and sigh..
in beauty she abides
in strength she thrives
with grace her spirit flows
in wings of colored hope.”


Note: The Seychelles Islands is an Island nation located in the Indian ocean due east of the continent of Africa It was uninhabited until it was occupied by Europeans in the 16th century and came under British control in the 19th century until the islands gained independence from Great Britain in 1976. Today, the Seychelles Islands is a largely agricultural nation, but also boasts of a great tourism economy,

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@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
9 months ago

Thank you for sharing your beautiful writes with us, Michelle.

Michelle (@michelle)
9 months ago

Thank you shirley it was a pleasure. Much love 💛💛💛

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