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Neil David Chan: Canada’s Own Post-Modern Metaphysical Philosopher

Neil David Chan: Canada’s Own Post-Modern Metaphysical Philosopher

Neil David Chan: Canada’s Own Post-Modern Metaphysical Philosopher

In this article author, poet and philosopher Neil David Chan answers three important interview questions to define his beliefs concerning hid doctrine of metaphysical philosophy, His book “A Higher Conversation: Another Way to be Human” is published by Austin Macauley Publishers with offices in London, Cambridge, New York, and Shariah and is available on Amazon.

Definition of Metaphysics and Metaphysical.. ——————— Physical is what can be seen, touched and heard . Metaphysical is what cannot be seen, touched or heard BUT only felt- Feeling is the language of the metaphysical world. Our body is physical, our mind and soul are metaphysical. We cannot see, touch or hear them. The soul talks to us by feelings only, our mind is a great processor that converts our feelings and messages our body to act and react. Our mind is akin to a computer CPU – where did human beings get the computer idea from? It’s just a copy of our internal structure ———————

How does metaphysics relate to GOD? ————— God is the highest form of a metaphysical being. In JK Rowling’s book Harry Potter Lord Valdemort survived death by fracturing his soul in 7 parts and hiding it in several places. JK Rowling got this idea from the fact that God also fractured his energy into individual souls and enabled life in a physical form to happen. In a soul form there is no physical sense in a physical form there is abundance of physicality but we are made to forget our real metaphysical form because the journey from a physical being to a metaphysical being is a wonderful journey. Our Soul is God in an individualized form, this is what gives life to a human body – like a battery to a machine. It silently stays with every body hoping to see you remember and Re- member with God. When one day we make that connection and understand that you are a soul in a body – what the world calls enlightenment takes place. Jesus did his miracles because he knew who he was and so was enabled with the power to give – remember what he said in John 10:34 – “Ye are Gods” in Aramaic. No one believed in it – God is our soul in a miniature form to help us live life – we never use it – this is my book- Have that conversation with your soul because it’s a higher Conversation.

How does man relate to God and metaphysical? ——— In our ancient times man was used because we did not understand the use of gender neutral language. The term should have been human being – because God does not have a gender – it is an energy with super capacity and capability- power to create and recreate – when this powerful energy being wants to become physical, it takes the shape of a human being to feel physicality in Earth and in many other forms in billions of other planets . All physical life is God in a different shape – we just don’t remember. This loss of memory was purposely done for us to remember in our own way who we are – this way our journey becomes a mystery for us to solve – if we all knew who we were at birth what fun would it be growing up. In Jesus God gave us a demo of who we really are , he did do in the past with Buddha and other avatars . The create part is represented as Man and Woman and the recreate part is represented by the Woman. We do not see it this way . The power to recreate was given to a woman only because she has more loving abilities than a man. A child grows up only with love and this is given by the woman in plenty. But the coming of man and a woman is duality and necessary to sustain life, Till one day we all realize who we really are our earth will continue to be a mess because our struggle as a body form is going to be challenging simply because we don’t use our two metaphysical resources given to all of us in birth- body, mind and Soul… Both man and woman are two souls in two opposites body forms, all of life’s choices are opposites only because we get the opportunity to choose – love and fear , anger and peace- man and woman – instead of using the opposite as an opportunity, we fight it and keep choosing the wrong choice all the time. So life turns into a wrong turn till we get back on the main road.

I hope you got this – May I answer any questions you may have ? —————- We can’t see God, can’t hear God, can’t touch God, only feel God thru our Soul. God is the perfect and primary form of a metaphysical energy and we are the secondary form. GOD can be said to stand for the greater of the denominator , with human beings, animals trees and plants in Earth being the denominator.

Thank you so much Neil for sharing your thoughts with us. I am so looking forward to reading your beautiful book.

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