2 months

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I had you at my fingertips
The two of us together and nothing in between
I remember your lips
But through joy my future was unpredictable and unseen

It was being held dear with love and happiness
It was stories and movies and bites in between
I kept losing every game
but then again there was nothing to gain
But maybe that was why you treated me the same

The moment you left my arms must’ve been the last time we spoke
And the deafening silence was enough to make me choke
I kept looking at my phone and stared at a blank screen
Looking for mistakes, unmade, was enough to make me scream

It was being wrapped in darkness
Sanity seemed like something from a dream
I can’t find meaning in the name
Heartbreak had me fatigued, drained.
But even in pain I wouldn’t treat you the same

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Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1617)
2 years ago

this one is excellent and creatively written!

Noble Member
2 years ago

this one is excellent and creatively written!

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