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A Judgement is a Coming

by: Guildford Windley

A Judgement is a Coming
Gloomy days all of gray
Clouds dark full of rain
As they sail east in different forms
In the mountains high in the sky
Where the air is chilled
By Nordic winds
Snow will fall from those clouds
The winter white that covers the land
We huddled in the cold
Waiting for the spring thaw
New life will show its face
A promise of a new day
Flowers return as the
Gloomy days of gray fad
To the bright warmth of the sun
Soon we will see the colors that nature makes
As we rise from our winter slumbers
The frozen lakes and rivers
Will be anew waiting for the summer fun
Lives Restored
As creatures big and small
Leave their winter homes
A new beginning
A new day
A time to make the world anew
Time for a change
We need new always
Or the world we all know will be no more
The old gives way to the young
For if not the fate of man
Will come to an end
Things we have done in the past
Lead to destructive ways
The actions on our climate
In the name of progress
Wealth for a few
We pay the price
As the earth
Takes each hit of man’s destruction
Our world is a changing
The weather
Will turn on us
As we turn to dust
The end of humankind
The epitaph will read
Blind by greed
Did commit
The species that were
No longer will they live
Mankind’s legacy
Has been written
A Judgement is a coming
God gave man
A garden
We return God love
By destroying all that’s good!
In the end the destructions
Will be man!
Guildford H Windley

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