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Poetry Contest – Inspiration

Poetry Contest – Inspiration

Poetry Contest

Theme:  All poems must be about something that is inspirational to you!

$300 Prize!

$5 per entry

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SUBMIT BY 04/15/2019 at 11:45:00 MST

Judging will be held between April 15th through April 30th.

Winner to be Announced on May 1st!

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1st Place Winner! $250

Cheree Velez


Made fun of, when there is nothing funny about me.

Picked on, laughed at.
Everyone laughing,
but me.

Trapped by the stares, the snickers.
The haters, the whispers.

Every day, their words bang against my head,
Trying to get into my brain,
but I won’t let it.
The tears burn my face at night, cause I can’t forget it.
I perspire, my body cries, but I try not to sweat it.

Stop with the HATE,
the obsession over weight,
whether one is gay or straight,
so what I may be shy,
I am smart, not a geek
Just cuz I am not wearing Jordan’s, I must meet my defeat?
If I have a disorder, or a different skin color…
Don’t you sit there @ judge me, cuz this here is out of order…

Stop with the HATE
Yes, I practice a different religion, or I am from a foreign place,
Don’t criticize, open your eyes, you may find your faith,
I may have an accent, or dress differently,
Don’t you dare point those fingers at me.

I am not here to be judged by you
Before you go throwing in your two cents, remember your currency makes no sense. Your words are worthless. I am not con-tent; your bullying is nonsense, that I will not accept.

Because I am stronger.

It’s time for me to stand up,
Change my life for the better
Positively, with help, I will make my life better.

Because I am stronger.

2nd Place Winner! $75

Ronald Dailey

Her Dark Kept Secrets

Decisions, conditions with infinite visions
Of life and our destiny
Creating suspicions subtracting additions
By the sound of her thundering seas

From the echoes from the deep that transpire
And as a volcano erupts through the night
Hiding the mysteries that consume us
That she will protect with all her might

Be it the sun or the moon or the stars high above
From the sands of the desert and oceans
Her secrets are hidden yes strictly forbidden
Dusted away through the times of erosion

Her disasters cause mayhem and fury
As the people take heed and they flee
When the hurricane storms up the coast
With the name that she boasts
So violent through the eye that she sees

Her eyes are her pools and her rivers
Her veins are her creeks and her streams
As she lies wide awake with every breath that we take
Confined in the midst of her dreams

Her heartbeat is the life deep within us
As a breeze kisses the leaves through the trees
For if you step in to close with the chill of her ghost
You’ll succumb to her death by disease

She gives us the power to thrive and devour
To discover her prophecies
But to never dissever not now or forever
From the depth of her thundering seas

So don’t ever meander in searching
For the meaning of life that we seek
Because you’ll be left all alone
Just a pile full of bones
With the secrets forever she’ll keep

3rd Place Winner! $25

Delores Chappell


Color, color what is Color?
Is it a color describing the world we live in?
Color, color what is Color?
Is it an object, a place, or a human being?

Color, color what is Color?
Is it our ancestors, forefathers, or our hopes and dreams?
Color, color what is Color?
Is it a feeling, an emotion, or a personal thing?

Color, color what is Color?
Is it the cause and effect of life’s existence?
Color, color what is Color?
Is it a control substance, a time factor, or limited in distance?

Color, color what is Color?
Is it about family and friends, or facts and fiction?
Color, color what is Color?
Is it justice for all, or intimidation of discrimination, or education?

Color, color what is Color?
Is it about power and politics regulating differences of one’s opinion?
Color, color what is Color?
Is it a universe with no boundaries; just space and dimensions?

Color, color what is Color?
Is it about the reasons for the seasons of hot, or cold?
Color, color what is Color?
Is it decades, or centuries about being young or old?

Color, color what is Color?
Is it about Unity, Division or being a citizen in a community?
Color, color what does Color mean?
Where does it start and where does end…for richer or for poorer ‘til death do us part?
“Color” is of many metaphors as you can see. It creates challenges causing changes; which interferes in our decisions, our purpose, according to plan and direction. It is a major disruption attacking life’s balance relating to the Reality of race, our Sexuality and ones’ Spirituality…
Lil Mz Poetic

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

~ Robert Frost


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