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Beware of a Wishing Stone

by: Guildford Windley

Beware of a wishing stone
It was just back in June
Sun was shining down
Hot as hell it was
We have been in this drought
For some time
Little rain was we got
The winter was dry and hot
So little snow had dropped
The lakes, the streams creeks, and rivers
Were low or they were dry
We all cried in the heat of night for relief
One day in this madness
I found a stone
A gem of blue
Cool to the touch was it
I held it to my hot wet cheeks
And then took it to my lips
I said oh dear lord
Please hear my plead
This drought
Has done us out
Please I wish for lots of rain
Fill up the sky
And bring cool relief
Let rain, let it snow
Thousand times or more
Well I put that stone in a special place
And said no more
Though the summer ran so long
And fall was and hot
Come the winter
Not so much as a drop
Then as the year turn
To the next
I had forgotten of the stone and my wish
But I soon remember
January, February and let’s not forget March
For the rain and snow, it did come
And we thought we had enough
It still came and came a lot
The sky above turned into
A river of air
It drops tons of rain and snow everywhere
It kept coming
Night and day
Rain upon rain
So much snow in the mountains
So much rain
The rivers started flooding
I had had it
With the rain
I stone and held it high
Dear god
Make it stop
I know I wish upon this stone
To let it rain a thousand time or more
You did not need to take me so literally
My word was of a poet soul
I’m not a meteorologist
Please cancel this wish upon a stone
There is no drought anymore
Please oh lord
Can we see a clear sky?
Oh just let it be dry
No more wishing on a stone
Just let us have some damn Sun!
Guildford H Windley
March 6, 2019

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Noble Member
2 years ago

This is beautiful and so well written GUILDFORD!

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