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A Memorial Observance

A Memorial Observance

by: Guildford Windley

A Memorial Observance
As one looks out across the land
One sees marble stones of white
On fields of green, that stretch out wide to the Azure blue sky
Row upon rows as far as one can see
Gleaming white marble upon the green laws of a cemetery
Flags fluttering of red white and blue with a background of white puffy clouds floating in a sea of blue, on a clear sunny day
Standing like sentinels the flags watch over the graves of the brave
Here lie the heroes who gave all for this land
Here in rows, after rows lie those we hold so dearly one’s hands
Their pain that they suffered and their blood that was spilled
Here in rows after row lies those we hold so dearly
These are the testaments, of the horrors of war, the price of freedom
Paid in full, written in blood by each one and all
These souls whose remains now lie at peace in these graves in cemeteries row upon row with only some old gnarly trees that look as if they were sad filling the view that one would see
There are also those sent out and never return these are the ones Lost to the world buried at sea or lost on some foreign land
No last goodbyes no ceremonies, no place to put flowers
No knowledge of combatants who are MIA, just a memory of love ones now gone
Yes freedom has a cost; it is the lives of those who fought for a cause
Row after row of white marble
Like soldiers standing at rest before a parade
On green carpets of grass that is spread out into the far distances
As I stood there at attention, my mind on the fallen heroes
In this time of a Pandemic, I find it ironic
That those who went through hell, and gave of themselves
Come from a land, where people do whine
For the inconvenience of staying in place to save lives
While other misses use our Constitution for political consideration
They now battle for our souls for there’s a trial of wills for the soul of this nation
Do we forsake our forefathers is it for us to take for granted that freedom they gave to us
Where the rule of law is the glue to the principles that are the binding of the foundation of our nation
Documents, letters, and amendments are the basis of a living Constitution, a Constitution of free souls that have lived for over two centuries
Beware, and do not take lightly, the actions of those who for their own greed and hate well cause rot to grow within the soul of this nation
Until a blanket of darkness covers the freedom we cherish
The acts of those who seek power and wealth to control the lives of others will diminish, distort and weaken our Constitution to their liking
Remember those who have fallen
Row after row of white marble glister in the light of the sun
Upon a green carpet, wide and as far can be
These are the heroes who gave all for their country
Now is the time to stand tall and say no to the hatred use to divide us
Say no to those who would seek to do harm to the rights of others
Be ever vigilant, to the distractions they use by the dangling of material things to blind us
While at the same time they delude us with small changes that mislead us to trade liberty for their way of life
For to reduce one’s guard will give leave to those who seek to manipulate a gullible populist
It will be an ill wind that blows cold if freedom is a trade for a false idol and false hope
A slap in the face to our fallen heroes who the blood is written as a legacy for the liberty we now take for granted
Be not swayed by the smile of those that spit hate and lies
For if we fail our lives will be thrust into an Orwellian tale
For as we breathe the sweet air of freedom there are those who now lay a web of deceit and lies
Freedom is like sand in one’s hands; if not careful it will slip away through the hands of a misguided soul
Only to be blown in the wind, and gone for good
For the oligarchy is waiting hidden from sight
These billionaires could careless for those that have died, for them the only things that matter are money and power
For those white marble, stones lined row after row do them a favor
Stand up for your rights and don’t lose sight of protecting the truth as written with the blood of freedmen, and freed women
who gave to the last breath for liberty were now liven
Guildford H Windley
May 25, 2020

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