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A Tribute to a Friend

A Tribute to a Friend

by: Guildford Windley

A Tribute to a Friend
He came to me way back then
A cute little guy was he with big brown eyes and yes even with those big ears
He bounced up into my arms, and with a loud bark, he licked my face
A little puppy was he so many years, where did all that time go
When I first held him I knew he had my heart, I fell in love that day
Throughout the years he was there when I needed to be loved
He snuggled close to me and would let me know he loved me so
If I had a tear he would be right there to comfort me and of course, lick my tears away
Where did the time go, the places that we went on long rides with him by my side
Running on the beach, playing fetch, sitting on the couch and, TV
Yes that little pup grew into a handsome dog full of life
Gentle by nature, but all so protective of his family
We have all grown a little older as these years have flown by all too fast
we went through a lot my beautiful baby, the memories that I have that can never be taken from me
In your life, you taught me many things but most of all love
In this life that moves so fast, we forget the little things
But it’s only now that as you pass, those moments, those little things, rushing back
I’ll miss you so, but in my heart, I’ll know that in some time to come I’ll hear your bark as you lead me home at last
Guildford H Windley
July 1, 2019

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