Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with Rejection

“Don’t be upset when people reject you. Nice things are rejected all the time by people who can’t afford them.”

-“Power of Positivity”

If there is one aspect of life which ignores all color, caste, creed, gender and age, it’s rejection.

Whether it’s in a relationship, professionally or any other endeavor in life, we all go through rejection at some point.

And accepting it and dealing with it can be quite difficult at times.

The one thing to always remember is rejection doesn’t always mean that you’re bad. It just means someone else is better.

If you don’t get admission to a college of your choice, it doesn’t mean you’re dumb. Someone else’s grades just happen to be a little better.

If you don’t get the job you applied for, it doesn’t equate to any incompetence on your part.

We all have strengths and weaknesses in specific areas and sometimes it just takes a little longer to find out what makes us unique.

As a writer, I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that there will be more rejections than acceptance letters.

And while it was quite disheartening in the beginning, now I just remind myself that my writing is not bad, it just isn’t appropriate for the particular magazine or website that rejected it.

So don’t ever let rejection stop you from trying and dreaming.

Do you have specific ways to deal with rejection? Please share them by commenting below and joining this discussion.

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