Why is life full of tests and challenges?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of tests in our Webster Dictionary.

Tests-1.  an event or situation that reveals the strength or quality of someone or something by putting them under strain.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of  tests-Challenges in life we either pass or fail, depending on if we learn from them or not and make a choice to ignore the lesson.

Tests are a part of life, and some tests are easier than others.  Many of us go through daily challenges that teach us something.  However, some of us go through tests that are harder to pass.  The test of losing someone, for example is a hard test to pass. I lost my father at the healthy age of 83, and he had lived a long and healthy life.  Still, it was tough to get through this test.  I missed him terribly, knowing he had lived a long life.

I can’t imagine people that have to go through the test of losing a child.  This would be an incredibly difficult to pass, and I doubt seriously, you ever get past it.  Part of passing a test, is knowing what the lesson is your supposed to learn.  Perhaps in cases such as these, the challenge is to figure out what the test is your supposed to pass.  I think in the case of losing a child, the test to pass is simply to keep the love you shared and the memories alive in your heart and get through this day by day.

There are far less challenging tests we go through than the grief of losing a loved one.  Part of this is passing mentally challenging tests, rather than emotional.  I remember going through the Real Estate Brokerage Exam, the Securities Test for being the principal of a corporation. I found these tests to be mentally exhausting going through them, but highly rewarding when I finally passed them.

Tests can be physical as well.  Tests can be getting stronger physically, and how we go about doing that, and how difficult it is to do it.  There are many challenges in life, but without tests and challenges, we would never grow as individuals, no matter how painful the lessons may be.

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Ace Apayda (@guest_2599)
1 year ago

I have always noticed that when I set a goal or intention, an obstacle – or test – always presents itself to challenge me to achieve. I say that I will do _____, and the Universe says, “oh yeah??” A test can be as simple as making my bed or taking my vitamins in the morning. Each time I pass these tests, I tell myself, “See, I told you I could do it.” Yet there are days I don’t – I have no idea why – I just don’t want to and I could name a hundred reasons why. So… Read more »

Active Member
Tetrametracall1 (@jazzonthecoast)
1 year ago

Our lives find depth
when we test ourselves
against the canvas
we step into everyday.
At times we lose sight
as our colors fade
too quickly at times
meant to teach.
When we rise again,
soaring w/ those who
dance with us,
we crystallize our soul,
recapturing the moment.

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