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Changing Season

Changing Season

by: Guildford Windley

Changing season
Ah, I can sense it in the air
Days are getting shorter and the air a little cooler
Yes it’s definitely getting near, it’s just around the corner
Those warm hot lazy days of summer are fading into a memory
Oh the fun we had on summer larks
Now give way to those chilly fall walks in the park
Yes fall is on its way, a sprinkle here and there of early rain upon the ground
The gust of wind, and leaves a flying
God’s palette changes the landscape with hues of color
With the touch of God brush the colors of autumn reds, golds and browns turn the land into a vibrant setting
Ah, fall is a sweet dream of life
A time for love and friendship
The warmth of a fire, and scary stories
Of parties with pumpkin carving to show a face of some delight with candlelight
One must not forget the fond memories we have telling stories of dear family and friends from the past times
Yes the laughs we get as we sit around we drink of good cheer, a good old mulled wine on a cool fall night
Lest we forget the table set for dinner with our family and our friend
The turkey and the ham, with all the trimmings
As we sit and join hands we give thanks
A prayer for those loved ones that we have lost
A prayer for all the good fortune that has come our way
We give thanks to the almighty for blessing this here home
But most of all we need to lift our hearts
For those in need
You know the loss of the ones upon our streets
There are a million stories out there, for each and every soul is human, not a statistic on some bureaucrats wall
For those who look down upon the poor and those that put them into clichés of boxes
Don’t utter one word for each story should be heard, and walk in their footsteps before your ego blinds you to the truth
Yes, that time of year grows near
The beauty of falling leaves
With the warmth of a lovers hand
As you stroll on fall nights looking for holiday lights and shooting stars that brighten October nights
Yes fall is near, and we are grateful for the life we live
So I toast to all good cheer
A blessing to your home and all those that you love and cherish
As with fall, a change is near, life does not stay the same
May we, in our hearts and minds learn to see the other side, learn to share, and care?
For if we all see that we are but human souls on this lonely rock called earth
If we reach out with a helping hand we can save a world, we can save mankind
So that future generations can know the beauty of the changing season!
Guildford H Windley
September 19, 2019

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