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Leave a message

by: Lexi Candelario

I wanted to call you, so that I could hear your voice telling me how the day is and how much you missed me.
I called you so that you would be safe on your trip and you shouldn’t forget your device; constant reminders every day.
Oh if only I knew how inefficient my words were, and that my efforts were all for not
I was nothing to you but a notepad that learned how to talk
I had been lied to a thousand times before; people saying that we aren’t meant to be
We were perfect for each other and sweet but no, this will all go to waste
Because like all the things In your life are finite apparently it’s the same with your love, I long sought.
So here I lie empty with the reminders untouched,
Electronic messages, so desperate they sound like they’re from someone who stalks
So I cry in the same pillow you laid on before.
Message seen. January 24.

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