Do you know what direction your going in life?  When were not sure what direction we need to go, If it is me, I turn to God to give me the direction I need.  I also rely on my instinct and intuition.

Let us take a look at what direction means in the Webster Dictionary.  Direction-1.  Management, guidance . 2.  Command, order, instruction . 3.  the course or line along which something moves.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-1.  the planned course in which you intend to take your life.

Do you know what direction your going?  Do you have your life mapped out?  Do you have everything written out that are your plans for your life?  Do you believe God controls your Universe and direction, or do you believe in affirmations and you controlling your direction along with God?

Affirmations are written statements of goals you wish to achieve written down in a format as if they have already happened.  Affirmations are visualizing your direction, and the summation would be, “if you believe, you will achieve.

Personally, I believe in both.  I believe God has the ultimate choice in our life as to what ultimately happens, but he gave us a compass and power of choice.  I believe our direction can be mapped out, and there is much success with this, but life is full of surprises that can cause us to veer off of our course.  I believe God has bigger aspirations for us then we do for ourselves, no matter how lofty our goals are.

Direction, however can be mapped out to some degree and there is much weight to “if you believe, you can achieve”.  Both can be true about the direction in which your taking your life.  It is much better to have a plan, than wonder around aimlessly like a lost ship.  The key to direction, is when you do veer off course, to get right back up on the horse and ride again because life will throw us some curve balls.  Part of the definition in our Webster dictionary about direction is Management and guidance.  It is very important for us to manage our direction and just as I wrote about “compass” the other day, we need to steer our course.

God has the ultimate say in everything, I believe, but again, he did give us the power of choice for a reason.  Do you know where your taking your life, or do you live day by day?   There is something to be said for that as well, as people who live day by day tend to put less stress on themselves to achieve, because it is not a big priority to them to have accomplishments on the books each and every day.  I always believe in middle ground, and somewhere in the middle of all of these lines of thinking lies the best plan for you and only you and God know what that is.

Direction is important from a standpoint of having goals and achievements however.  If you have no sense of direction with your life, You can’t achieve whatever it is you wish to succeed at.  It is like driving a car aimlessly without the GPS turned on.  Food for thought, that’s for sure.  Direction also means, command, order and instruction.  If you manage yourself, you must give yourself a command, and an order in which to do things and instructions on how to do them.

Do you know what direction your taking your life?  Ask yourself some of these questions today, and make sure you get some answers, for you.  Remember, we are all a work in progress and our planning will not be perfect at all times.

I look forward to having you submit your poetry on this website and retweeting it to facebook or twitter at and  MAKE SURE TO USE THE WORD, “DIRECTION” SOMEWHERE IN YOUR POEM.  This website is under construction but you can now comment on each other’s work as well.  Bear with us during this process.  Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful and blessed day.  By the way, we will be having a $300 poetry contest that will begin after the membership page is finished and all my readers have signed up for  There will also be a “Community Corner Page” that I will use to communicate to you, these fun contests, and some poetry we can write to music, in which someone picks a song and we write about it.  Many fun things to come.

Samantha Leboeuf

Daily Wisdom Words

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Vera Squire (@guest_153)
3 years ago

My direction is looking for the next best steps. Always improving.

Vera Squire (@guest_152)
3 years ago

My direction is forward-march. Because if you are not looking forward, you are not going forward. Thank you for those beautiful words of wisdom.

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