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Peace, Harmony and Things to Come

by: Shirley Satterfield

Dedicated to a very Special Friend

Marilyn went to the School of the Birds
And when she warbles out a note
She keeps my soul afloat.
She has the gift of singing.
What is your gift?
Its Lisa that can cook
And bless the souls at her breakfast nook
She has the gift of Hospitality.
What is your gift?
And its Shirley that can write a book.
That is her gift.
And MJ can really organize
The many things
I highly prize.

What is your gift?

Just look within
Then look to Him

And you’ll find your gift..

But all these gifts that we so enjoy will give way to something better.

Just ask God. Just ask the Lord.

He said so in His letter.

When life breaks free from pain’s decree and death removes our earthly fetter.

We shall be free! We shall be free!

He said so in His Letter.

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