Are you a person who has depth with beauty or is your beauty only skin deep?  Depth, means having qualities about yourself like goodness and kindness, that are below surface level with a person.  Before we go any further with depth, let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary meaning of depth.

Depth-1.  used to specify the distance below the top or surface of something to which someone or something percolates or at which something happens.  2.  The distance from the top of the surface to the bottom of one.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Depth-1.  The level at which something touches, or bothers you beneath the surface or deeper than our skin, or skin deep.

Depth is an important daily wisdom word because it recognizes the level to which we are able to feel something.  Deep people feel not only their own feelings, but are empathetic to the feelings of others.  Shallow people such as narcissists feel things only skin deep.  For example, what one may only feel as a pin prick when they are only skin deep, is felt as a surgical cut to those of us who are sensitive to our own feelings and those feelings of others.

Having depth means caring about more that just the surface level for others.  It means if you are compared to an onion, there are many layers to peel back to get to know who you are, verses just one or a few, to tell what your all about.  Having depth often means caring more about what others are feeling than the feelings you may be having at the time.

Having depth tells us a lot about what a person is truly about.  Does their life only center around themselves and their own shallow feelings or do they care about the feelings of others?  Truly care?  Depth is not something you can purchase or buy.  You either have it or you don’t and if you do, your aware of it.

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