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What does trepidation mean when we feel it?  Is it a clear warning sign something is wrong in our world?  Let us take a look at the meaning of trepidation in the Webster Dictionary.

Trepidation-1.  a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen  2.  trembling motion

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Trepidation-1.  gut instinct or intuition about future, negative events.  2.  A negative feeling about the events that usually come to pass.

Trepidation is another wise wisdom word based off of our intuition.  We usually get this feeling when we see signs of something with our sixth sense, which I describe as our sixth sense or intuition plus instinct telling us something feels off about a situation coming up.

Trepidation is usually something we can’t quite put our finger on, but our subconscious is giving us a sign about what is to come.

One time, when I was eleven years old, I was with my mother in the back seat while she was driving.  I jumped up out of the back seat and warned my mother that a rock was going to come through her windshield.  A minute later, it happened.  A rock, flew up into our car windshield and cracked it.  These were feelings of trepidation I had all day while we were in the car, that kept swirling in my mind.

More often than not, feelings of trepidation are warning signs about what does come to pass.  When we have these feelings of trepidation, it is our own mind giving us warning signals to protect us from upcoming dire events.  Trepidation more often than not, does come to pass, and sometimes it is based on common sense.

Trepidation can be like a storm brewing.  The skies are grey, there is wind blowing, and the sky is growing dark.  We see these signs so clearly, and have feelings of trepidation about them.  Sometimes feelings of trepidation are not quite so visible.  This is when our gut instinct and intuition is speaking, letting us know something is wrong so do yourself a favor and pay attention to these feelings.

These are more tools in your tool box that will help you throughout life, because they let us know what may be coming to pass.

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Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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David Breakspear (@areformedman)
2 years ago

Lost and alone in a world
that makes no sense,
Living on existence without
meaning or purpose.
What is the hierarchy of these ends?
and whence come, how can be reconciled
their partial antagonisms?

Loud voices in my head, that spoke
words that I did not use,
hidden from view;
their vulnerable traits of morality.
As the fear of loss of identity dominates,
specific frustration its devastating power.

Feeling the pain of being alive!

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