by: johnv1957

There are times in my life
When I’m troubled, in strife
And I feel like there’s nowhere to turn
In those times I find peace
And my troubles released
Knowing soon that my savior will return
For his blood He shed for me
So my soul can be free
And His grace is renewed every day
If I need him this I know
I just need to let go
And just get down on my knees and I pray
Precious Lord hear my pleas
You alone know my needs
You alone know how many tears I’ve cried
In my heart you will stay
Every hour every day
I can feel your spirit growing inside
You’re my Savior, you’re my friend
You’ll be with me ’til the end
You’re my shepherd and I am your lamb
I can do all things through you
Lord I know this is true
I can’t explain just how blessed I am

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