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The Winds they are a Blowing

by: Guildford Windley

The wind of change is a blowing
Those mountains that seem too high to climb just a year ago
Now seem to be not so tall
The voices of those that were lost, now people are listening
The Puppets on a string, from corporate masters, do they sing
They lie and distort to keep you a guessing
The rule of law is bent to meet their needs
The people will, does not matter
But they do what is needed to serve their master
The base that holds them in power
Is blinded by, what lies these politicians say
There are drums of hate; a fake sense of being, us against them
Winds of change are coming, the spell is fading, and the people are awakening
Freedom wall is cracking and we now need to do some repairing
The need to vote as not had a greater time than now
The voices of the people, led by the rise of women are singing a freedom song
If we don’t stand up for ourselves no one will
We are heading for a crossroads; one way will take us to hell
The other is not easy but it’s worth the price
A call to raise my Sisters and Brothers let your voice matter
Sing freedom song, and vote strong don’t those in power stop you
Freedom carries a price, as our forefathers and mothers shed their blood to keep us free
Now, it is your turn a call to arms to right this ship of state
Without you vote we will fail and more power will be legislated
To the powerful few, and our Constitution will be null and void!
Guildford H Windley
October 9, 2018

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