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Sleeping (that would be great)

Sleeping (that would be great)

by: Guildford Windley

Sleeping (that would Be Great)
Laying here in my bed, it’s 3 AM
My sweet wife, asleep just as soon as her head hits the pillow
Her snoring is a test but no chance that I’ll sleep, she looks so at peace, and I can’t get one little bit of sleep (How does she do it)
Taylor’s music is swirling in my ears (love that girl)
My mind is at a loss on so many deaths of this COVID-19
Deaths that need not have happened, for but the utter incompetence of our crooked president and his foolish enabler
The horrible pain they felt
I feel the pain, my chest is pounding, and I can’t breathe
Their ghost dance in my head
Life is fleeting for so many
My sadness is great, for nobody gives a damn, lease most republicans
For money over life to them is what’s importin
Taxes, no problem let the poor that still alive pay them
4 AM, still tossing in my bed
Tony B and Lady G are singing now, boy that beats got in my head
I’m so depressed, feel so naked and so vulnerable (just want to bury my head in my pillow)
Hope is gone as we try to carry on
Too much corruption for the little guy to win
Looking at my wife still sleeping all this time (why can’t I), as I pull the blanket over my head while I’m still crying for the loss souls
The lack of care that people show
Won’t’ wear a mask, think this is just a joke
No respect for human life, except that of the unborn child
They don’t care for human life, only care for guns and their hate
It saddens me to see our Country go from number one to third world pieces of dung
An Oligarchy wraps up as a Theocracy- a crappy one at that
A country whose leadership is nothing more than Putin’s whores
Now 5 AM the orange light on the clock is so damn bright
Think I’m just about to sleep
Oh damn the 6 O’clock alarm just went off
Good God it woke me up- so much for sleep today
Guildford H. Windley
September 27, 2020

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