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It was on Thursday, 24th of September, 2020. A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and i saw it fit to dedicate the day to God by worshiping and giving thanks in the duplex we rented with our own money.

It was no crowd- just some friends i invited to celebrate with us. In the midst of what we call worship and prayer, someone called out my friends name.

Guess what he said. Just guess. You may think he wanted to wish her a happy birthday, no! He called her out to tell her to stop praying in her own house. “If you can stop praying, stop praying. You people are turning this place into a church and if the owner gets the news he’ll kick us out”
When she relayed the message to me, i waved it aside because i did not want to ruin the merry time we had already created knowing fully well that he made me feel like he rented the house for me- what nonsense.

After the celebration, thought of what he said to her came back to me like heaven rain. “Imagine! I should not pray? That’s very insensitive…I should not pray?”

Truth be told, i was pissed off. Let me ask you a question. Regardless of religion, how would you react when someone tells you not to pray in your own house? It is sickening if you ask me.

It is upsetting to me each time i think of it but all i can do is pray for them. Hahahahahaha! Do you remember the story of Daniel in Babylon. They told all of them to stop praying but he he continued praying in his closet. (Dan 6:10 NIV)

I was upset at what he said because i thought of it as insensitive to tell someone, a fellow human being, to stop praying when you pray always. It is truly insensitive, selfish and crude.

Come to think of it, telling us to stop praying means it was pricking their very soul. Hallelujah! If you are reading this, i’d like to tell you not to stop praying for anything. When you feel like not praying to God; it means you need to pray…when people say you should not pray, pray. Shalom!

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
6 months ago

I earnestly pray that God will spare you persecution when you pray, and strengthen you when you are persecuted.

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