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What does it mean to be in a mood affected by vicissitude?  We often feel vicissitude when something negative happens in our lives we were not predicting, especially when everything has been going well.  My mother has always said, “expect the worst but prepare for the best.”  She must have experienced this feeling many times in her life.  Vicissitude is a word not often used everyday in our vocabulary.   It sounded interesting, so I looked up its meaning.  Due to the holiday’s being here, often we spend too much money.  Some of us don’t realize how much we have spent, until our credit card statements start to arrive.  This can bring on a feeling of vicissitude. Before going any further, let’s take a look at the meaning of vicissitude in our Webster Dictionary.  


Webster Definition of Vicissitude-A regular change of circumstances from one thing to another, often one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.  2.  alternation between opposite or contrasting things.  

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of vicissitude-An unexpected, contrasting change often for the worst in our life. 

Vicissitude happens also with the opposite.  You can have everything in your life negative, and then win a lottery.  This is how contrasting the feeling of vicissitude can be.  One of the reasons I chose this word is the holidays are often times for surprises.  Not just negative events occurring out of the blue count for vicissitude.  Vicissitude can be a positive thing happening as well.  

I think one of the strangest things in my life that happened, was when I was completely and financially broke.  Of course, this happened to be the time my daughter announced her engagement. She wanted a big wedding and a very nice dress.  

I remember stressing about this so much.  I was a single parent, and it just so happens her father was also financially bankrupt around this time as well.  I was shocked to say the least when I went out to my mailbox a few days later and found a sizeable check that was completely unexpected addressed to me.  It was a refund of homeowners insurance.  I realized that if I just took it a step at a time with her wedding, and also let her know she would have to help financially herself, we would have her big wedding.  

People often wonder why at the end of the day, I still have faith.  I would be lying if I said this wasn’t challenging.  There are times it is harder to have faith and this time, with this unexpected news, was definitely one of them.  I have always found in my life, when things were rough all around, it is my faith that has gotten me through it.  

This was only the beginning of my daughter’s wedding needs and I decided I could do much of it, such as make the bouquets for all seven girls in her bridal party.  I ordered a fresh floral arrangement only for the bride and made the others.  I ordered my daughters bouquet from the supermarket that looked every bit as nice as any expensive floral shop.  I also made the centerpieces for all of her tables and bought tablecloths and runners wholesale from a used store. 

I had them dry cleaned and they looked brand new.  There was still about $10,000 missing in the budget.  The groom’s parents contributed $5,000 and over the next year, I was able to do more financially as well.  My daughter and her future husband paid for the remaining balance, and all was good!  

I shared vicissitude with you, because things, both good and bad happen in our lives that are in sharp contrast to what is happening at this moment.  If this moment is bleak for you, as I keep saying, ” there is always a new horizon around the corner.”

Thanks so much for reading daily wisdom words today!  

Samantha Leboeuf/Daily Wisdom Words Blog


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