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The Tale Of John Bowls

by: Guildford Windley

The Tale of John Bowls
There was a time, long ago that a man name, John Bowls did live.
His grave is over there, away from all the rest.
Nearest to County garbage heap is where he rest if the people of the town had their way, the garbage heap would be his last resting place, the government said no, there’s a law that must be enforced.
For when he lived and walked the streets of this here town people knew to stay away, for fear he brought to all that came his way.
John was a big man all of 6 foot 7, a bully and coward were he, an honest day work, he would never know.
For he spent his days, and spent his nights drinking and carrying on he gambled and cheated his life away and drank cheap gin throughout the day, he was a womanizer, when he needed the money he stole it for he had no moral standard.
People were afraid of him for he was always in a fight and would always win, some of those he beat, would die of inflicted wounds by him.
John was an evil man, this was understood, he was just no good he was but a fool who stood upon his own self-indulgence on a sea of intimidation he hides his all his weakness.
Now John had a wife her name was Emily, she was a person completely opposite of him, kind and caring, beloved by the town was she.
People always wondered how such marriage could be but being good kind folks they didn’t say a thing to them, just talked behind their backs.
John and Emily lived just south of town and keep mostly to their selves.
It was one day in May; it was like all other days John was on a drunk, he had been drinking all day.
It was late upon his return to home and Emily was not alone for the Reverend Doctor Jones had come to comfort her.
When John walked into the bedroom of his home he found the two in each other’s arms in bed.
John’s face did go red; before they could say a word John grabbed his gun from the dresser drawer then shot them both in the head.
He then went to the kitchen, and had a drink after drinking quite a few; he knew what he needed to do.
He took both bodies out of the back of the house into the back yard he would dig a shallow grave.
For both lovers there they would lay.
He threw some dirt and twigs upon the grave and padded down the ground.
He then did his best to clean the bloody mess left on the floor and on the bed.
The people of the town begin to wonder where the Reverend Doctor Jones was, they also said where is Emily it been some since she was here.
After some time went by, the local sheriff and his deputies started to check around, the Sheriff asked John where Emily was John answered; she went to see her mother and will be gone for some time.
At John house the Sheriff notices a blood stain faded on the floor John claim he cut himself, and that was that.
The Sheriff though made a trek to a town upstate to visit with the Mother, where Emily was supposed to be.
No sir, the Mother said for it’s been quite a while since I heard from my sweet Emily; In fact, now that you ask, it was just a little over a month ago I sent my sweet Emily a note.
I never heard back from her, and now with you here I’m concerned. I never like that beast that married her. I told her then and I’ll tell you now, he is just no good.
Upon the Sheriff’s return to town, it had been several months and neither, Emily or the Reverend Doctor Jones had been found.
On that fateful winters night, it rains so hard the dirt and twigs upon the shallow grave, gave way to the rain.
Yes, it washed the ground, and exposed the truth; the bones of both Emily and the Reverend Doctor Jones do the Earth return to view.
It took just a short time before the Sheriff caught old John as he tried to run; it was near the County line.
The trial was short and swift; the jury was in and out on that same day.
Guilty, cried the foreman of the jury, The Judge sealed John’s fate you’ll swing high, with a rope around your neck until your dead.
It was just a fortnight later; on the prison grounds, Old John did swing. Yes, he swung high on that rainy afternoon. His body was twitching and shaking, it would take a while for old John to die.
The prison warden then returned to the sheriff, the dead carcass of old John.
As I said at the beginning of this tale, the town did not want him back.
The sheriff said it’s the law; we need to give him a good old fashion Christian burial.
For some time there was an impasse between the town folk and the law. To tell the truth no one knew what to do, for no one really wanted him, buried near their friends and family at all.
A compromise was finally reached; do in part because the body started to stink.
The town folks first said to the garbage heap, but the law said no. Then the county judge came up with a plan, will bury old John in the far corner of the old cemetery, way out of sight, a place nearest to the garbage dump, on a plot of land no one wants to use.
The funeral was a simple one, there was just a few who came.
The new Reverend gave a pray and asked forgiveness for his soul, then a person there said; send the bastard to hell for that’s where he belongs.
So that came to be, old john’s final resting place, as for Emily she was buried next to the Reverend Doctor Jones right to his left and on the right was the Reverend’s faithful wife. Nae, no one said a word about this arrangement, all though there were some snickers under the.
Now that concludes the Earthly life, it’s interesting what comes next.
For on transiting from this life; one finds their selves, coming through the mist, there before them lies a path that leads after a short walk to the junction point.
There you’ll find an angel of the highest magnitude, all dress in white, with wings of gold upon its back; it’s neither man nor that of women in form, in fact, it’s both. This angel is an arbitrator of sorts, if you will, for the angel is tasked with deciding who goes to heaven or who goes to hell.
You’ll find this angel at the end of the pathway were the road divides, one way goes to heaven’s gate, the other to the pits of hell.
On this particular occasion, the first to arrive was the good Reverend Doctor Jones, the Reverend then did say, my dear God, I’m home please let me in.
The angel looked the Reverend in the eye and said that will not be.
For you betrayed your oath to God and your wife you did cheat on. Instead of offering compassion and help to a suffering soul, you used your office to seduce poor Emily’s innocent soul, so to hell, you must go.
A short time later sweet Emily arrived; the angel looked her in the eye and said, no words do you Emily need to give, for now, you’re safe in the arms of God and out of harm’s way and heaven does await your return to a loving home.
Some time passed until the third person of our story, arrived at this crossing; thereupon the angel was sure to hell, he would send John.
But before the angel said one word, John begged for, forgiveness, and poor John claimed that through life he was but misunderstood and treated really bad.
The angel took pity on John, and said, in this place, there is forgiveness for those who contrite.
But your sins are of the many; too many to count by me.
But I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, If Emily, your wife the one you abused and killed, can find within her heart to forgive your sins, I will let you in.
Just like that Emily appeared before the angel and John, she looked at John with sadness in her face, you hurt me so throughout my life, even though my full love I gave to you. Yes I made a mistake I was beguiled by the Reverend Doctor Jones, for this you took my life.
I will forgive you, said Emily, but only when you get down on your knees and beg to me, and ask forgiveness for what you did to my life. Also, you must swear to God to never do another evil deed.
John looked Emily in the eye, and with an evil grin, said the hell with you, upon those words, old John to hell he went!
Guildford H Windley
April 2, 2019

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