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ACCOUNTABILITY WILL BE OUR DAILY WISDOM WORD TODAY.  WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY?  Accountability is not easy.  Accountability means taking responsibility for our actions or particular things that we’ve done or said that hurt ourselves and others.  The hardest time to take accountability of our actions is when we are in denial.  

Daily Wisdom Words was designed on a platform of honesty.  I have often blamed others in the past for issues in my life I did not want to cope with.  Admitting the truth to myself and others is not easy.  I know I sometimes still do this.  If you honesty wish to learn when and how to take accountability, look into your heart.  Ask yourself this question in every scenario:  What role did I play in this situation?  Perhaps you had encouragement, or felt pressured to do something you didn’t really want to do.  The fact remains that we still are the one who made the ultimate decision.  Let’s take a look at the Webster Dictionary meaning for accountability.

Webster Definition of accountability-1.  The fact or condition of being accountable;  responsibility.

Daily Webster Definition of accountability-knowing what the truth actually is and taking responsibility for the actions.  2.   Knowing when we are in the wrong and hurt others by our actions and remedying the situation as best as able.  

I took accountability a step further than the Webster Definition.  I don’t believe it is enough to know when you are responsible for an action that hurts others in some way.  I think, as hard as it may be, we do our best to fix what we have hurt, especially when our actions caused this hurt.  It is not easy.  I struggle with this daily.  Often times, I find myself blaming others for issues I ultimately started.  In order to avoid having to take accountability, never allow a situation to go further with action before thinking through your decisions and how they may affect others.  

Sometimes in life it is not enough to take accountability when you are to blame for a situation that gets out of control.  This is why it is best to always respond, (waiting five seconds to answer a question) than react, especially when the situation requires delicacy to avoid hurting someone.  

When we are willing to take accountability in our personal lives, we find we are stronger as a result of doing so.  We get to know who we are.  Perhaps we have weaknesses we need to identify or strengths we need outlined for ourselves.  Taking accountability is the best place to start when you want to live in truth.  You will find your steps a bit lighter, your heart kinder, and feel less resentment towards others you normally would blame when the ultimate decision for what is happening was made by you.  Thanks so much for reading about accountability. 

Now that you’ve finished reading, scroll down where you see, “join the discussion”.  I would love to hear if you agree with this article.  I would love additional thoughts you may have.  Remember:  Dailly Wisdom Words was and is created off the wisdom I learn from my continued mistakes.  We are all human beings.  We simply work, one day at a time, to be a little wiser from our mistakes.  

Samantha LeBoeuf

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