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Why is acknowledgement important with others?  Now that the holiday season is here, it is more important than ever to acknowledge those that love you and do kind things for you.  Thanksgiving is the ideal time to do that.  In fact, acknowledgment is a part of many people’s Thanksgiving holiday.  We do this by saying a special prayer, or going around the room before we eat with family and friends and acknowledging why we are thankful for them.  What is the actual Webster Dictionary Definition of acknowledgement?

Acknowledgment-1.  Acceptance of the truth or existence of something.  2.  The action of displaying or expressing gratitude for something. 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Acknowledgment-The giving of thanks to God and others for all the blessings each has brought into your life.  2.  The giving of thanks to another.

At Thanksgiving, just before we eat the huge meal my mother prepares as tradition, we say thanks to God with a prayer one of us says each year.  Some Thanksgiving’s in the past we have gone around the room to all families and friends before deciding what/who and why we are thankful for everything around the past year.  

Thanksgiving is one of our oldest holidays dating back to 1621, which is the first recorded Thanksgiving by the Pilgrims after harvest.  It was attended by 90 different Americans and 53 different pilgrims.  After that, every year at harvest time, this tradition was repeated.  There are different traditions around Thanksgiving and the holiday season.  That is part of what makes them meaningful and special.  Thanksgiving, or “giving Thanks”, reminds us of two things:  Always do your best to have an attitude of gratitude, and tell those your thankful to why you are thankful everyday, not just Thanksgiving.  

When we give a gift, we are letting others know they are appreciated which is also part of the holidays.  It’s ironic, that this tradition started and it became one when we started acknowledging Saint Nicholas with stockings for the children.  The toy companies got wind of this and involved themselves in advertising for Christmas and the holidays.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, billions of dollars will be spent on food and gifts for others, especially children.

Not all families are alike, however.  My son is soon to be engaged to a family that does prepare a big meal on Thanksgiving.  However, Christmas is and always has been for them, about spending time together.  They will decorate a Christmas Tree, but don’t typically exchange gifts.  It is important to remember some people also have religious reasons they don’t celebrate certain holidays like Thanksgiving, and this needs to also be acknowledged.   

Now that we are just a few days before Thanksgiving, Daily Wisdom Words would like to say thank you to all of our members this year and the year’s past.  We want you to know how grateful we are to have you be a part of our family.  We hope your Thanksgiving is a happy and blessed one. 

One last thought on this:  Make sure to at tell your loved ones how thankful you are for them and all they do for you and others more often than one holiday a year.  Tell them often and remind them how much you love them.  Spending time with someone means a lot more than a fancy gift…God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to you and your loved ones.

The DWW Team

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