How often do you express affection with your loved ones?  How often do you receive affection?  Affection is a necessity for human beings.  I am not talking about sex, either.  I am referring to the affection shown with a hug or kiss, or kind word with a touch on the shoulder for reassurance.  We all need affection.  I know I am in a relationship, yet cannot remember the last time we hugged.  This part of a relationship is a necessity and important for self-esteem, not only to those who receive affection but for those who give it.  We will look at the definition of affection and it is not all about physical touching.  

Webster definition of the word affection-A feeling of liking and caring for something;  tender attachment:  fondness

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of affection-showing someone, either by voice tone, touch, or expression a feeling of like or love for them.  

Affection is part of a personal relationship and as you can see, it is not always about physical touch.  It can be shown through a simple smile or how someone sounds when they care for someone and like them, or love them.  Without a display of affection to the loved one, we are not expressing in all ways, love.  In a love relationship, it can be just as important.  When we don’t show some form of affection, it can alienate your partner and lead to unnecessary resentment.  This is a resentment not necessary if we simply make an effort on our part.  Something sad about affection is it should be a part of every relationship.  We must also do our part in showing affection, not just expecting it from the other person in the relationship.

It is easy to fall into a routine in any relationship, and before you know it, a hug and kiss you had shown in the past when saying goodbye, is forgotten.  When you have been with someone for a long time, it is easy to forget to show affection.  Little actions, such as using enduring terms when speaking to your friend, partner, or lover can mean a lot too.  Words like, “dear”, or “sweetheart” can be all it takes to make the other person’s day.  Why, when affection simply requires an effort on our part, and it should be natural, do so many relationships get in the habit of not expressing affection?  There are three ways to show affection:  1.  through non-verbal affectionate displays, ie., holding hands, a kiss, or hug.  2.  expression of affection through our words;  ie., words such as dear,  sweetheart, and honey.  3.  Showing affection through kind gestures, such as a little gift given, a phone call to the other party wishing them a great day, and telling them you love them, or sweet surprises they are not expecting.  Affection is part of a healthy relationship and should be shown naturally.  If we don’t show affection to someone we are in any kind of relationship, two things can happen.  1.  they will become resentful over time  2.  they will grow distant over time.  It can be the difference between having a loving partner or having a roommate.  

Thanks so much for reading about affection today.  Remember:  Habits are easily formed when we are not paying attention to our own actions or are not getting the expressions of love from our partner.  Thanks so much for reading.  Have a beautiful and blessed day!  Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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