What is an allegory and how does it play a role in our poetry and writing or perhaps a picture?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of allegory in our Webster Dictionary.

Allegory-1.  a story, poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one  2.  a symbol

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Allegory-1.  A secret message hidden within a poem, story or picture which generally is not well discovered.  Allegories are often found in moral codes, and political messages.

Do you remember the election and the commercials advertising each candidate, particularly Donald Trump?  You may well remember his messages were the furthest thing from allegories available.  Allegories are hidden.  Trump, with his political insults and name calling was very direct with his messages.

Allegories are fascinating when found in poetry.  Edgar Allan Poe was famous for allegories, always having a double meaning and message within his lines.  It is titillating to read his poems for the messages are often double in meaning so you may find two or three allegories in one line.

You often find pictures with allegories in them.  Wall art, especially that in the seventeenth and eighteenth century almost always had an allegory mixed within paintings of that era.  To find an allegory in a painting, one must often look long and hard for these paintings could be interpreted by the viewer of the art.

In other words, one allegory might be subjective within the painting and open for interpretation while another may be more overt.

You find allegories, often hidden within stories, such as short stories with mixed messages within its paragraphs and pages.  These allegories again are often open to being interpreted several ways so what message one reader might get from a particular paragraph, would be a different one than another reader might experience and take away from their reading.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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