What is Altruism and what does it mean to us?  Altruism is caring for others in an unselfish manner and caring for
them is an unconditional manner.  

According to our Webster Dictionary, the meaning of altruism is:  1. the belief in or practice of disinterested and 
selfless concern for the well-being of others.  2.  behavior of an animal that benefits another at its own expense.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Altruism:  1.  The concern and care of others, physically, emotionally and spiritually
of others, before our own needs.

Altruism is a beautiful word because it is so selfless. One of its opposite meanings is selfish, and altruism is 
selfless.  A good example of altruism is when you see a daughter, with her own health issues taking care of her 80 
year old mother.  Another good example is when your driving, and on the side of the road you see someone out changing
someone else's tire out of the goodness of their heart.

Altruism is not as common today as it was 50 years ago, partly because we don't see what is going on around us as
much.  Sadly, we are busy looking at our I-Phones, or tablets or on the phone itself, or listening to music around
others.  We are using one or all of our senses, IE., sight, hearing, smell, whatever you wish to reference which
distracts us from the needs of others.  

For myself, I do my best to make it a goal to do one altruistic deed a day for another.  Do you know who benefits 
from this more than the other party?  Myself.  I find, by doing for another, before myself, I get a warm and giving
feeling in my heart for doing it to begin with.  This is probably more than the other person receives from the 
altruistic act itself.  That is an assumption on my part, but I know that the good feelings I get are a high like
no other, because I know I am doing what's right before my God and for my family.

I recently went to visit my daughter in Idaho, and was coming back on the plane to Denver.  The flight, due to bad
weather in Denver, was cancelled after we had already boarded, and I was sitting next to an elderly woman who had a 
cane stored up in the overhead bins along with her bag that the flight attendant must have helped her with at the 
beginning of the flight.  I noticed, as we were told to deplane until the next flight, everyone was hurrying to get
off the plane to check on their connections, etc., and no one was helping her so I made it my mission to look after
her.  I felt so good about myself, as I had looked after her during the period while waiting for the next flight, 
making sure she had food, and water to drink and somewhere to sit, and help with her cane and even assisted her 
getting on the next flight.

I am not often that altruistic, but do have a soft spot for the elderly.  She turned around, after we had finally
boarded the next flight, and said, "what is your name, young lady?"  I answered, "Samantha".  She said, "what a
perfect name for such an extraordinary woman."  Honestly, I felt good about myself for the rest of the day.  It 
meant more to me to receive a compliment like that than it probably did to her to get the help from me.

Altruism is a gift, that others give to another, and they receive back two-fold.  Next time, you think about doing
something for another ahead of yourself, do it and you will find the same:  You will benefit two-fold than the other
party.  That is why altruism is such a lovely daily wisdom word.

Thank you so much today for reading daily wisdom words.  Remember, I will be expecting poems, or quotes or stories
using the word, ALTRUISM in the paragraph, verse or story.  I will look forward to hearing the replies on our 
community web page.  

This website is under construction, so bear with it's glitches as we finish and work out the remainder of them.  
Keep an eye out for a page called, "Community Corner" which will be an interactive discussion board between the 
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them as we are still in the development stages.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Samantha LeBoeuf
Daily Wisdom Words
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