What does androgyny mean and how does it play out in our human world?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of androgyny in our Webster dictionary:

Androgyny-1.  Partly male and partly female in appearance of indeterminate sex.  2.  Having the characteristics of both sexes;  hermaphrodite.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Androgyny-1.  A person psychologically exhibiting both male and female characteristics.

Androgyny is often judged by using terms to describe its meaning as having an ambiguous sexual identity, hermaphrodite, gender neutral, and plenty more terms when androgyny can simply be explained when a person exhibits attributes of both male and female characteristics.  In this case one might call me androgynous, because I am a girlie girl, but also like to work on automobiles.  Androgyny does not always mean showing signs physically of both sexes although many people are born like this.

Androgyny is not a negative term, and too many people are judged and mislabeled with this name because they are often misunderstood.  You are psychologically androgynous, when you can use both sides of your brain and do both male and female things.  This, as far as I am concerned should be called gifted, and I wish I were more androgynous because of this.

There are also people born androgynous where chromosomes are not clear.  For instance, a male is born with a 46xx chromosome typically and a female born with a 46xy chromosome.  Sometimes these chromosome issues work themselves out on their own when clearly as the child gets older, she or he begins exhibiting gender specific traits of one sex or the other, and it is never to be questioned again.  Sometimes this is something that can be genetically corrected.  Too often, people, and that is all we are when it comes right down to it, are judged because they are this way.

People are often labeled simply because psychologically they are gender friendly on both sides being good at male and female attributes, and this is not right.  It is also not right to judge others who are born with this genetic mishap because it is something they cannot help.  There are many famous actresses and actors though to have been androgynous and very beautiful because of it, so the next time you hear this daily wisdom word, don’t be too quick to judge.

Thank you for reading about androgyny today and I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBeouf/DWW

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