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Why is appreciation so important to express?  First, let us take a look at what appreciation means in our Webster Dictionary.

Appreciation-1.  The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of something or someone  2.  gratitude for something

Appreciation costs nothing to express and yet means so much to the recipient.  Think about the simple word, Thank You.  Think about the last time you said it, and hopefully that wasn’t too long ago, looking into the face of the person you said it too, and seeing the expression on their face of gratitude.  My guess is they appreciated the fact you showed the appreciation.

I am sure we have all heard the saying, “actions speak louder than words.”  This is especially true with appreciation and doing something for another who has done something kind for you, costs you effort and maybe a simple thank you card.  Giving a simple thank you card can go miles in showing appreciation, and do so much by showing the other person you have made an effort to say thank you.

Appreciation must not just be expressed, it must be shown.  Showing the other person that what they did that you appreciate meant the world to you, can also be repaying the favor down the road.  Don’t forget when someone has done something kind for you that they did it by choice.  It is always a good thing when you can repay the favor.  Perhaps you create a book of coupons, good for various favors on different vouchers towards the other person who is constantly doing something kind for you.  Never take their kindness for granted.

Appreciation can be as simple as saying thank you, or giving someone  a thank you card, but nothing speaks louder than doing them a favor back the next time they are in a situation and need a little help.  Showing your appreciation in this way shows you and them that you don’t take their generosity for granted, and that you are there for them when they need a little extra help.

There are many different ways to show appreciation.  Use your own creativity when deciding it is time to express yours to that person that is always there when you need them.

Thank you so much for reading about appreciation with me today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/Daily Wisdom Words


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