All thanks to Reenie for this wonderful art she made. Although I forgot to ask the inspiration behind this art. Let’s leave that for now.

Tell me what you think about this art. It is a beaut. I know you know that but what I really want you to do is look at it very well. Let it speak to you then compose a poem inspired by the picture.

Please make use of the words in the title in your poem. Welcome to DWW PICTURE POETRY 👏

Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.
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1 year ago

Technicolor skies
Blazed down upon the ground
Humbling the shaded mountain neath the artists brush.
Each stroke of colour being a stroke of genius.
A stroke of madness illuminating a binary world rich in monochromatic glory.
This is our reality

1 year ago

My pen this night dictates
bright n delicate
sunset of rhyming color
slumbering in art visioning
of natural glow
I imagine this a fairy world
enlaced in moonlight charms
n to sleep enlightened
by magic when darkness peeks
over pleasing horizons
softly to kiss my cheeks.

1 year ago

I climb
The mountain
To see
The stars
Feeling invincible
To discover
Who you are
To know
If I reach out
I might
Be able
To catch
Your star
But I
Don’t need to
Reach the top
If my feet are on
The ground
I know your
Is within my
If I just
Look in front
Of me

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