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Our Daily Wisdom Word for today, is “attainment.”  Before we go any further, let us take a look at the definition of attainment in our Webster Dictionary and the daily wisdom word definition. 

Webster Definition of attainment-1.  the action or fact of achieving a goal toward which one has worked.

Daily Wisdom Word meaning of attainment-Having success after setting up a specific direction and steps to take towards the achievement of a  goal. 

We just read about the daily wisdom word, ” plateaus”,  and prior to that, we studied the daily wisdom word, “benchmarks” used in the process of achieving a goal.  When we have experienced passing the necessary “benchmarks” or stages, we have achieved mini-successes.   We put these min-successes together and we have attained a goal.  We have gone through peaks and valleys and plateaus and overcome them by changing things to surprise our bodies.  (again, I am using the example of a diet where a person clearly wants to lose sixty pounds, not a pound less, on a pound more.  We have broken our goal down into three twenty pound benchmarks to ensure success.  Remember:  We have a mental toolbox, and to achieve the final goal, required restraint, will power, but more importantly, how to trick our brains.  Our brain does best when we give it immediate gratification for its success, making breaking down a goal into three mini-goals.  

In the article just before this post, we talked about a goal having good chance e have done a few things right so far.  We have broken our big goal into three smaller ones. These smaller goals feel more possible to achieve even though the end result is the same accomplishment.

Of course, the first thing we did was make sure our goal is clearly defined that we are going to achieve. We then discussed “benchmarks” of achievement, breaking big goals into smaller ones, rewarding ourselves as we achieved each benchmark while working towards final attainment. We also discussed plateauing where we appear to be at a standstill with our goal. During these periods of traveling down the long road to the finish line, the one negative thing about making the choice as I did using dieting to explain different obstacles and suggestions with how we can attain a far better success rate using tools from our toolbox in life.  

No one can ever tell you how a book, blog, essay or poem will be written.  They may be able to show the framework after you’ve explained what you wish to achieve, they cannot, however, know your imagination and the words you would use to describe the house as you see it is not you.

Finally, we get to focus on our daily wisdom word today, “attainment”.  You have done all the right things:  affirmations, visualization picturing the specifics of what you wish to achieve and how you will feel once this happens.  You, also, by the way, have programmed your mind and fine-tuned it like a computer.  You have not gotten sidetracked with things in this life you cannot control such as other people, places or things.  We can, however, control how we direct our brains by understanding what makes them tick!!!  This is where attainment, or achieving a goal comes into play.  if you understand how the brain thinks and what excites it, you can tailor your goal setting around it.   

Summing up, we:  1.  Clearly and concisely define our goal. 2.  Visualize it and the feelings that will go along with it when you achieve your goal  3.  depending on the size of the goal, set up benchmarks along the way.  stop and reward yourself when you reach these benchmarks.  4.  understand that plateaus are a part of goal accomplishment or failure.  If you understand that it is typical to plateau off and make no progress temporarily, and not allow this to steer you off course when this happens, you will be fine and still easily achieve your goals reaching number five.  However, if you allow plateauing to get you down and steer you away from the goals you set for yourself, you may fail miserably and much time and energy will be wasted. 5.  Attainment (achieving a goal one has set for themselves). 


Whatever your goals are, they are precious and unique to you!  Believe in your dream.  know that the love you put into yourself shines and reflects on others making you and them a better person.  Good Luck!

Samantha Leboeuf/ Founder-Daily Wisdom Words

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