What is an aurora?  Let us take a look at our Webster Dictionary and we will start on one of the most fascinating daily wisdom words we’ve ever written on!  An aurora is one of mother nature’s strangest and majestic phenomena.

Webster Dictionary Definition of Aurora-A natural, electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky, usually near the southern or northern magnetic pole.  2.  the dawn. (literary)

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Aurora-1.  One of the top ten most fascinating words in the English language.  2.  Mother Nature’s magical miracle that happens at various times of a few years.  

The aurora, more commonly known as the Aurora Borealis is a crayon packet of color that streams the sky when it occurs.  In the United Kingdom, some of the most beautiful and unique Aurora’s are actually offered to be seen at different times of the year, and different places with different colors for the aurora in these places.  

The Aurora is Mother Nature’s very own celestial light show, a light show that originates 93 million miles away on the surface of the Sun and travels across the frozen wastes of space to create a spectacle that has mesmerised humankind for millennia. 

If your wanting to see an aurora for seven nights or more, then Finland would be where you would want to vacation.  Torassieppi resides in the wonderfully remote forested-fells of Finland. A 7-night stay in this secluded spot gives you an excellent chance of seeing the Northern Lights and one vacation itinerary even includes a night in an Aurora Dome.

The Aurora Borealis in all its glory is the most remarkable sights in the world. An Arctic firmament ablaze with swirling ribbons of light is something everybody should witness at least once in their lives. Every Northern Lights holiday is expertly designed to maximise your chances of witnessing this mesmerising natural phenomenon with a particular vacation resort that specializes in Aurora’s with various destinations, and distinctive color pallets at each place.

It is my understanding, that the Aurora Borealis is something of a rarity, not because you don’t have the opportunity to see the aurora, but because our lives are so busy to take a vacation strictly for the view of these amazing synchrony of lights.  We cheat ourselves in life so often, because we don’t take the time out of our schedules to enjoy such natural beauty as this.  Mother nature comes in all forms, and has much beauty to offer, but these lights have got to be amongst the top amazement to see.  

There is another perspective in which to look at this.  Perhaps it is not our fault, we don’t get away to visit such natural phenomena.  If your single and wealthy, these are the types of things you can truly enjoy, leaving you with breathtaking memories and mental pictures.  We will never, unfortunately get to see such majestic beauty because when we do have the time and money saved all year towards a vacation, we simply look for a Sandals Resort Vacation to save money and to please everyone in the family that is going. 

There is truly magic in mother nature’s wand, and she waves it brightly with the Aurora lights.  Check the internet to find the ideal place with the ideal chance of seeing such glorious beauty. 

We can go after a rain, and occasionally we will see a rainbow, which is magic itself.  However, these are pastel colors, and on the opposite side of a color wheel, and much more common than the lights of the aurora borealis. 

Thank you so much for reading about “the aurora’s” today with me.  My dream in life is to go visit these someday.  Often, with the proper planning our dreams can become our reality.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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