Taking chances is a part of life.  Chances present themselves with choices.  Some choices we make in life are safe ones.  For example, we can invest our money in Bank CDs.  We know what the outcome will be due to the interest rate we are promised from the bank when we initially put our money into safe investments.  However, some of us would like and will take chances when investing our money, because we want the opportunity to potentially see a higher rate of return with our money.  There are no guarantees when we decide to take chances with our money because of the opportunity to possibly take this risk and we get lucky and generate a higher rate of return because we took a chance with our money. We, however, have taken a risk to get that higher rate of return. Let us take a look at the definition of chance in our Webster dictionary.

Webster definition of Chances-1.  the possibility of something happening.  2.  The probability of something happening.  3.  an opportunity to do or achieve something.  4.  doing something despite its being dangerous or of uncertain outcome.  

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  taking risk to gain reward.

We don’t have to take chances in life that are not calculated to be low risk or no risk chances.  However, most of the time, if we are not willing to take chances in any area of life, you won’t grow as an individual. “it is the chances we take in life, that determine the outcome of each one”.  I think back on chances I have taken, and to be honest, fear is always involved.  There is one thing about fear when we are feeling it.  We know we are enjoying the adrenaline rush that accompanies it when we feel fear.  Taking chances that risk something in life and we lose because we went ahead and attempted risk, teaches us the benefits of safety and how chances can change our lives depending on how relevant they are.  I think when we take chances, we really have to consider the gain we potentially can be a part of.




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