What is holiday cheer?  Holiday cheer is very similar to magic and very special.  Let us look up the Webster Dictionary Meaning of cheer and go from there.

Cheer-1.  A shout of encouragement, praise or joy

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Cheer-1.  The holiday spirit that shows on all of our faces in the form of joy and happiness.

Holiday Cheer is a special feeling and look that people get during the holiday season.  You can really see it on people’s faces when they give a gift to another or receive one, and the happiness and look of joy they feel when giving or receiving.  Holiday Cheer can be found in the friendliness of neighbor to neighbor during the holiday season.  When a neighbor asks to borrow something, the happiness the other neighbor feels in giving it, is evident.

It is different then the rest of the year, when people don’t mind giving but they are missing the spirit of giving.  Giving is from the heart, and our heart seems to be more in touch with itself during the holiday season.  Holiday cheer can be seen during holiday traditions as well.  The meal that family and friends share together when so much work has gone in to preparing it.  Holiday cheer is beautiful to see in action and only seen around Christmas and the New Year.

I witness it myself when out shopping for Christmas gifts.  People are just a little bit kinder and nicer and they are more willing to help.  Instead of jumping to take the first parking spot, they are willing to wait their turn.  It is as if a whole new set of manners kicks in during the holiday season.  This is Holiday Cheer.  It is as if someone put magic sprinkle dust in the air and people are breathing it in.  Cheer can be found not only in the joy of giving or receiving, but in the joy of mastering the art of being kind.

Kindness is seen in abundance with holiday cheer.  Share some of yours this year with another person and you will feel so good about yourself.  All daily wisdom words posts will be about Christmas and the holiday season throughout Christmas.

Also, Daily Wisdom Words will now be only on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s to make room for our newest concept, Poetry Picture Prompts.  This will be fun.  A member or anyone can share a picture they find fascinating and we can all write a poem to match the picture.  There will always be exciting changes going on at Daily Wisdom Words to keep you excited and full of Cheer.

Thanks so much for reading,

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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