Chocolate and Ice Cream

How you see ice cream and also taste it may differ from the billions of people inhabiting Mother Earth. It is not just the flavor per se it is the hunger for more scoops. Yes! I know you are already salivating at the mention of Chocolate Ice Cream.

Last month I took it upon myself with the help of Daily Wisdom Words Writers whom I call my family. They made me get it on my birthday. They are lovely set of people, right?


Have you ever tasted Chocolate Ice Cream coated with peanut? Hahaha…Do you want to eat it? Before you do, let’s write about it today. My name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. Welcome to  Daily Wisdom Words Picture Poetry Prompt. I will be your host.

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Ahmed Precious (@presh)
5 days ago

Chocolate Ice-Cream I don’t breathe, yet I make people come alive I don’t have emotions yet the in take of me changes the atmosphere Most times I’m not beautiful carved yet I’m irresistible because it’s my nature you know I unite relationships not because I’m a counselor but I have a palatable taste Every age grade loves me except the older grade who feels I would make them sick but that won’t stop the younger age from exploring my varieties Every scoop has it’s source of satisfaction, I’m amazing like that Well not because I’m iced alone neither is it… Read more »

Debbyk (@guest_9440)
6 days ago

Sitting on the front steps
just me & my Rusty
sharing a chocolate cone
her fur, my face, all sticky
Chasing the jingles
down the cobble road
tossing a nickel or two
into my hero’s hands
I’d love to go back
to those simple days
where summer never ends
& the ice cream was sweeter

pd_adams (@guest_9438)
7 days ago

Chocolate Ice

Nobody in the room
or on the floor
I feel my chair
People of the door

Empty cup empty scone
lights still blinking
outside alone

In here I taste your
darkness of light
Way you make me
scream into night
And I still feel in waves
Ice cream tonight


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