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Do you feel your confidence in yourself, is solid?  “CONFIDENCE”,   To understand why it is so vital,  we first must fully understand the word itself.  Let us take a look at the meaning of it per our Webster:

Webster Definition:  Confidence:  Trust, Alliance Assurance, one’s belief in their abilities;  2.  The belief that “another will keep a secret”

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  A quality, which is associated with our viewpoint of ourselves in a positive manner.  2.  Confidence is absolutely a must in life, for without it, when your own “belief system” is challenged, the challenge is met, when we truly believe in oneself  3.  “Having belief, in  being able to trust them.

Confidence, falls under the  “WHY Wisdom Word” Category, because many of us don’t understand why it is so very important to have it or build it.  To fully understand, CONFIDENCE, you must break the meaning down to start.  How much more difficult is our life, with out it?  Very, because if we don’t have self-confidence, we have nothing as a platform in which to build it on.  Our foundation, is the basis of anything we believe, and if our foundation is not solid, neither can the “structure” its built upon be” 

Why do some people make it, successfully in life, “measured by what is important to them”, and others don’t?  Confidence in oneself, is the key.  If we believe in ourselves, we will find, we can do anything.

This world is full of challenges, and only those, that can accept them, (win, lose or draw), without letting the least positive outcome play a role, in shaking their confidence, are what we call, “SELF-CONFIDENT! These are rare ones, who can still, stand back up, after being shaken, and be firmly aware, that whatever has happened, negative, is positive, for “they take the knowledge, forward, and leave the negative behind” They know a loss is not personal, and is not a direct reflection on who or when they believe in:  Themselves.  They view these situations as “learning experiences, and vow to strengthen themselves, so that next time, when fad with the same challenge, their outcome is always “BETTER”.

Some of us who have confidence, have developed this quality, simply with upbringing.  Confidence is also based on the person you are, UNDER PRESSURE.  How do you handle this?  An example, of this is shown through their actions, not their words, with no action.

Confident people do several things to help them be this way, and we have already established the foundation on the individual is a vital part of confidence.

What about those of us, who didn’t have the “perfect upbringing, or the perfect offering, and instilling as well as  the “support” we feel is needed from our caregivers to grow up being a confident individual?  

“The truth is the difference in the wisdom word, confidence, and self-confidence”.  Self confidence cannot be shaken for or, it was never fully built, to begin with.  Self-Confident individuals, know with humility, with no doubt in their mind, given a challenge they will rise 
to the occasion, and “SUPERSEDE” expectations.

“Confident” individuals, have this quality, because they had the foundation to begin with.  “Self-Confident individuals, never needed to have a positive foundation instilled in them.  They are self-confident, because this is a quality they were born with, and they are aware of it inside themselves, as challenges arise, for they always overcome them!

When we see others, with confidence, don’t be mistaken:  Confidence, and Self-Confidence, are real qualities within.  However,  Narcissism, is the basis for a “false sense of the feeling of being confident” built on a platform of false beliefs, one has created and inflated, to hide the truly lost individual, behind this who has no confidence.  It is their confidence,  that is “false”, because confidence, is about humility, and narcissism exhibiting confident displays, are exhibited for all to see.

Are you confident, because you were taught to be, never needing, to create confidence, within, because of your foundation your parents strengthened with proper, positive upbringing?  (a confident individual)?

 Or, no matter how much negativity you were surrounded with, as you grew up,  you always managed to find the few things in life, that were positive, and focused on those things, using them as a platform, with your own natural abilities?  (Self-Confidence)   In these individuals, this quality is “innate within”, it  has always been and always will be confidence in oneself that defines their own definition, humbly in who they are, not their voice to others, reminding them of it.

The definition of this is the meaning of “self- confidence” which few people possess without developing it, for it is part of who they are.   These individuals, are a true winner in life no matter the extenuating circumstances, who always have had and always will have true “Self-Confidence”.  This is what  makes them that individual who is a  rare Winner for Life.  SL

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