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What is narcissism and how does it apply in your world?

According to our 20+ year webster, it means:  Undue dwelling on ones own self or attainments.  2. Love or sexual desire of ones own Body…

Honestly, I am surprised at number 2.  I read the DSMV, which is strange, I know, considering I am not a psychiatrist, but, I would have been had I finished with my degrees.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  Absorbed in oneself.  not aware of others, due to inner focus.  Unable to love anyone themselves.

Narcissism, is more and more common in today’s culture:  Selfies, commercials, always showing the benefits of anything for you.  Self- love.  It seems people have lost the value in believing, in others, as well as themselves.

It is a necessary quality to love, oneself.  I am not always the best with this.  I personally believe God comes above us all, and am accepted as I am with my family and friends.  Why did I pick this wisdom word?

I believe, it would not hurt some of us, to stop and take a look around, outside, yourself.  A good look.  Narcissism, according to the DSM-V means: an inflated sense of oneself, and the best way to describe this, is by looking underneath, the narcissism, at the individual.  

Sadly, our culture, promotes, narcissism.  Who has the better i-phone?  What can I do for me?  This is healthy, to have a wonderful self-image, but it must be built on a “solid foundation”.  Narcissism is “inflated”.  Underneath this, is someone who is terribly insecure, and they feel a sense of emptiness inside.  The narcissist would go to many lengths to deny this, and it is interesting how much different, narcissism is to self-love but how similar the qualities are in both personalities.

Self- Love is a positive, healthy useful tool that is your “FOUNDATION” built on a solid base.
Narcissists have a false foundation, built on little if any structure.

Narcissism is a false “perception” of oneself, portrayed to others, as almost perfect, and narcissists ” need to feel they are “perfect” because this fills the empty void inside, them, almost like a black hole.

Sadly, Narcissism, is unintentionally, “encouraged” by some parents who set the bar just a bit high for their child with their expectations.  It is wonderful to expect good things for and from your children, but we must accept their flaws just as they must learn to accept them in others.  Our actions, are followed, much more than our words with children, so by you being a forgiving, accepting, loving parent, is the best example set.

Because I am not a Psychiatrist, I speculate from what I have read.  It seems as if the children have a piece of the puzzle missing, from what I have read, so parents aren’t always responsible for this quality.

Chances are, in your life, you’ve run across narcissists.  After getting to know them, and hopefully learning to recognize them better, by reading this post, you will learn how to avoid getting involved with them.  They “appear almost perfect”.

Narcissism starts with one showing you their perfection, and eventually leads to them expecting perfection from you.  You will feel they are surfaced individuals, not delving too deep into the meaning of things, and much more interested in what things mean for them.  

If there is not something obvious they don’t like about your personality, they will focus on what you can “IMPROVE” on.

This allows them to take the focus off of their own issues, and avoid taking accountability for their actions, blaming them on others.

“I think knowledge is power, and the more we know, the less we must question”.  
If I were reading this, I would wonder why I had this knowledge to begin with.  I seem to attract them, and they seem to be attracted to me, and I am so grateful, I am with someone now who loves me for my flaws, in spite of them, and even supports them.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Does this description meet someone your dating, or know?

Remember, underneath, all that “ego, and power”, is an empty void, and sadly the narcissist feels very lonely for he cannot relate properly over an extended period of time with someone normal.

I hope, as always, there is something I have written today, that helps you in some way!  Please comment, if you have a moment and pass this along, if you feel someone else might benefit from it!

Its time to play, WISDOM WORDOLOGY!  Wisdogram for yesterday’s daily wisdom word:

GRATITUDE=  (G)rateful,  (R)eally  (A)ppreciating,  (T)heir (I)mportance   (  T)hey (U)nexpectedly (D)idn’t  (E)xpect!

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