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Are you a self confident person?  What does confidence mean?  One definition in the Webster: 
A state of self assurance; Bold.

My definition:  believing in yourself        The aura you emit, NATURALLY, to others.  A feeling, internally, of belief in your abilities, and who you are as a person.

To believe in yourself, fully, you need to believe in something bigger than you.  In my opinion,
that is God. 

How do we believe in ourselves?  We gain strength from giving to another, doing things for others.
I believe that is one way we can build our confidence.  Another way we build confidence, is
to reflect within.  We ask ourselves what we can DO, and focus on that, instead of focusing on what we can’t.  We make a list.

I would love to tell you, I am a confident person, all the time.  I am not.  I look at others and some seem to reflect confidence, all the time.  I have found for myself, when I need to find that confidence from within, write down all of the attributes I have;  ten positive things about me, and  also a list of what my accomplishments are.

I also pray.  I pray to God to give me the confidence I need, for a particular conversation I need
to have with another, when perhaps communication broke down, and I need to make amends.
also,remember all those loved ones that believe in you.  They ask you for an opinion and they ask you, because they have “confidence” in the advice you can offer.
Most Importantly, remember to believe in yourself, and remember what you can do, and you
will feel confident, and that confidence, will humbly, gracefully, naturally, will reflect to you and others, you are a person who exudes CONFIDENCE.  SL

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8 years ago

Great post!

8 years ago

Thanks, I really appreciate you taking time to read it….

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