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                                                  WISDOM WORD FOR 6-18-13

In this life, we begin as a child, brought in the world, who doesn’t have a clue as to what the
future holds.  And then, we grow up, and in our teens, we are taught to begin to mold what
our future should be.

How do we begin to figure this out?  First, we hear what our parents want us to be, in some cases.
In our minds, some of us imagine, we will be something exceptional, perhaps a movie star, and dreaming is all we do.

Then, we graduate high school, or perhaps we do not.  Funny, if you read what I have just written, although we do have many outside influences, life, is a series of choices.  Every single choice made
in your life, as a teenager, and then, at 18, technically an adult, is formulated with each individual choice.

The sad thing is, once we’ve made a choice, and begin to live with the consequences of that choice, we can never go back and change it.  We cannot GO BACK.  Often times we have regrets.

I look at my life.  There are some Big choices and Little choices, I would change, if I could.

I want you to ask yourself today:  What does it take for me to be extraordinary?  Am I extraordinary?
Being extraordinary is a different definition with all of us depending on who we are and our personal skill sets.  When evaluating where we are at,  although we can’t go back, and change
some of the choices we would like to, to make our present different, what we can do, is evaluate
more carefully what choices we make in life to be extraordinary. In life, whether your consciously aware of it or not,  we do our best to make choices which in the long run, will make us just that!

I believe, its very simple.  God made all of us to be extraordinary.  He can guide your choices, through meditation and prayer.  To me, being extraordinary, is being, yourself, heart and soul, and never trying to be someone you are not.

So, I ask you today, when making any choice, to use this wisdom word as a way to move in a  forward direction always, to extraordinary. 

Extraordinary doesn’t mean you have super powers, or your a famous actor or a marathon athlete, for most of us.  I think “extraordinary” can be achieved every day in our lives by doing the things that make our soul, content.  Most often, it is those people, who have made a poor choice, with terrible consequences, that can stand up, realizing their mistakes, and the people who are strong enough on
the inside, to dust themselves off, after a tumble in life, get up, and not only fix their mistakes from the poor choices, but become a better person because of it.

How do we do that in the midst of paying the consequence of poor choices?  We become, extraordinary.  We, not only learn from our mistakes, we make new choices in the present, and grow as a person on the inside, and develop wisdom to grow towards what in life makes our presence in this big world of ours, extraordinary.

Are you extraordinary?  I believe we all can be.  We all make poor and good choices, throughout our lives which is a series of them everyday, but do they lead us to become the wiser, and stronger, and most importantly “grow”, for our present, and our future.  SL

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Sterling (@guest_44)
8 years ago

this is really good. thanks!

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