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CONSEQUENCES                                                           DAILY WISDOM WORDS
Consequences are the “result”, of our actions and there are ALWAYS consequences to our behavior, when it affects others and ourselves, so think before you act.  We may anticipate the consequences of a choice we make, and the suffering it might bring..

Webster Meaning:     1. A result; effect   2.  to accept the importance and consequences of ones actions.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:   1.  Potential Karma  2.  The actions by one, directly affecting themselves negatively or one who has made mistakes, and results always follow from them if these mistakes aren’t learned from, resulting in consequences.

Why then, knowing this,  do many of us, as some point in our lives, ignore those “consequences”, and take the chance with crossing over the “INVISIBLE LINE” we each start off with?

 I am referring to an invisible line I believe we each have, which our patterns with behaviors are on one side or another. Healthy habits on one side of the line and addiction on the other side.  One side of the line, (goodness and healthy behaviors), is a daily gift until we choose to cross over to the other side of the line. Once we have done this, we begin to live a negative habit pattern and we can’t go back to the other side of the line, because it was a gift to begin with and we chose to abuse it.  NO, we can’t ever go back to the other side of this invisible line.  We can only visit it on a daily basis, contingent on returning the next day, if our behaviors were wisdom works and positive in nature, balanced with healthy routines.  (My theory).

I always question everything, causing internal controversy with my views.  I believe, we live are all creatures of habits and patterns.  I also believe most of us occasionally feel the need for excitement of some sort when we are in a routine.  For those of us that suffer with addictions, like myself, ( I am a binge drinker), and crossed over that “line”, and went over to the side of “addiction”, better known as the invisible negative habits side of the line.    I do my best to avoid this side of that fine, invisible wrong side of the  line daily, but my strength  is “contingent” on giving my power to God.  A “series” of bad behaviors when continually repeated, creates a habit pattern.  This “habit pattern leads to a situation of addiction, in my case.

 I have learned through a “series of bad consequences” a habit pattern emerges.  The same situation goes to our good deeds, and good consequences that follow.  This is the difference.  I, have LOST control of my choices, by the addiction itself.  Therefor, there is only one choice remaining:  Let my addiction of binge drinking control me, or ask God to take control of my life, because my life, by being on this side of the line totally lost manageability.   In order to have sanity restored in my life, now I have only one daily choice:   I continue to let the ADDICTION control me, or ask God to take control.  That is an easy choice!

If you are on the other side of the line, (addictive/negative behavior side), it obviously means you must have lost control already to be there to begin with, if you continue to repeat these negative behavior patterns.

One very important point about this invisible line we each have?   As bad as the consequences were as a result of our actions,  we may repeat the behavior, (in my case, drink again).   Once you’ve crossed your line you lost your place.   (You can’t permanently go “back” to the other side, the good side}.  It is no longer a “given” to be on the healthy side of the line.  We must work every day, one day at a time to visit the healthy side of the line every minute of every day.    What other consequences await us on the other side of this “fine invisible line”  we all have when we decide to cross over to the other side?

The consequences of our actions, and HOW they affect who we now are.  I believe once we cross over this “invisible line”, we, can’t go back to the other side.  Why?  Because along with crossing over our line, we abused something, or someone, leaving moderation to the wayside,  and those negative consequences, were and are the result.  

None of us will ever obtain “perfection”.  However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our best to better ourselves daily.  How do we do this?  We start what I call, “wisdom work” to bring ourselves back to the center of our line.  (balance and harmony are our goals).  We reflect on the consequences of our actions, and turn our will or control over to God and the addictive behavior, or we give our control and will over to the addiction/negative behavior itself.  We choose to either abstain from the behavior to avoid the terrible consequences, of repeating  the negative behavior over and over. The addiction when repeated, “UPS” the consequences it brings, over and over, each consequence more serious than the next.

One other important thing.  If,  we’re making all positive changes, at some point, we should forgive ourselves and ask others to forgive us as well, if our behaviors have hurt them.  This is also one of the steps in the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Sometimes the consequences of our actions can cost us our LIFE, or another’s,  #money, loved ones, #catastrophic health issues, loss of relationships, and the list goes on and on. Addiction is awful, and we need to understand, that we have created these consequences.  We now have only ONE CHOICE, once we cross over our invisible line, and begin a negative behavior, and create a negative habit pattern because of it, compromising our morals and values, landing on the other side of our line. This Choice?   “Give our addiction over to God to control, or give our control over to the addiction.”  We will have weak moments:  Consequence in this case?  For the rest of our lives, we can only “visit” the other side of the line.

“Wisdom Work” can be the key to help us get closer to the healthy side of the line as possible, on a daily basis. Remember, It is now a privilege to visit the healthy side of the line, but it was once a gift your own choices refuted.  How do we get to the good side of the line

daily?  Start with “wisdom work”.

What exactly is wisdom work?  Begin one on one counseling, or join a group, I enjoy going to Alcoholics Anonymous and this has been key for me, (counseling), and wisdom write daily in a journal, using your creative skills, to seek the routine you once were trying to avoid and give and do for others.  I believe, starting your day with a list of to do’s and crossing each item off when it is achieved feels good.  Hopefully, by the end of the day, we can begin a new one, with Gods help to rebuild a certain self respect and heal ourselves, with “meditation medicine” and prayer.

 Although we can’t ever cross back, and try this behavior again in moderation, (we would be fooling ourselves, because we would always, once something has been abused with habit, go back, to an even darker place, ( the END of the line possibly.)  What kind of consequences are those?

Ask yourself today, which side of the line your on.  IF you are “towing the line” for others, you will remain on the healthy side of it, if you’ve not crossed over yet, please read this.  Perhaps these wisdom words will allow you to keep the “gift of goodness”, and your healthy habits and patterns the good side of the line atones to.  JUST MAYBE YOUR THINKING you might want to “try something new”,  that you know in your heart you shouldn’t.   Stay on the right side of the line, and look for the “rainbows in your routine”.  The smaller beauties in life, like a smile from a stranger, or a hug you weren’t expecting, and the expressed gratitude you get for something nice you did for another.   Wisdom words for thought.  SL

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