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What are contingencies, and why is it important we have one in place for all of our best laid plans?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of contingencies in our Webster Dictionary.

Webster Definition of contingencies-1.  a future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.  2.  a provision for an unforeseen circumstance or event.  3.  The absence of certainty in events

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Contingencies-1.  Provisions made for things we simply can’t calculate for going wrong within our best laid plans.

My mother is a planner. She is the type of person, for example, when taking a trip, has all of her outfits laid out in advance for each and every day she will be gone on her trip.  She allows extra time for contingencies.  She knows that the best planning in the world cannot always protect against things that are unexpected from happening.

However, some things in life we simply cannot plan for, and although I view planning for contingencies, a positive thing, there are certain things in life that you simply can’t plan for like an unexpected death for example.  This causes the best laid plans and contingencies to go haywire.  Because you could not possibly plan for them, you end up filled with worry that you did not predict them to begin with.

Planning for contingencies is always a good thing, but when you can’t control a situation, you cannot beat yourself up for not planning for it.

I, on the other hand am a more spur of the moment person.  I don’t always plan ahead for contingencies and it has not always served to the best of my interest.  I remember driving to work and not planning on contingencies.  Although I had allowed myself plenty of time to get to work, I could not predict the potential car accident that took place on the freeway.  Because of this, I could not always predict for the times I would be late to work.

It is important to plan for contingencies in life.  However,  we also cannot spend our lives worrying about what has not happened yet. This is when having faith and expecting the best to happen comes into play. As always somewhere in the middle of these two scenarios is always best.

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