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What does controversy mean and how does it apply to our lives?  Let’s first take a look at the meaning of controversy in the Webster Dictionary.

Controversy-1.  disagreement, typically when prolonged, public and heated.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Controversy-a debate between two or more people that has an argumentative element.

Controversy happens all of the time, but I want to focus on how often we hear about a controversy on the news.  Often, we hear about differences between two or more parties.  There is so much controversy on the news and we need to listen to it objectively and wait until we hear what the controversy is in any case before taking any sides or passing any judgement.

Controversy also happens sometimes when we are in public.  We see an argument such as I did once at a grocery store, between two shoppers fighting over the same thing.  The elderly shopper in my opinion from what portion of the argument I heard, was in the right and had spotted the product first.  The other shopper, from what I could see, was fighting to take it out of her hand taking advantage of her elderliness and weakness.

I did something I would recommend you not do when you see others in controversy.  I got in the middle with good intentions to protect the elderly lady.  What I didn’t know is the other shopper was trying to take it away from her because she had witnessed her trying to to steal this product.  I never should have gotten involved, because I clearly didn’t have the full picture.

Controversy happens in marriages quite often as well as public disputes and scandals.  When controversy happens such as when Madonna’s song came out, “touched by a virgin”, it is best not to assume an opinion too quickly because you may not know the full story.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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